15 January 2013

have you ever wondered where robyn got her awesome dance moves?

answer: rosie perez. seriously.

thx for the tip Ms. Dangles

botswana is full of animals!

i wonder if this goat is friends with the google streetview donkey. this is some #homewardbound shit

the google streetview donkey

a closer look

new york state is about to have the strictest gun laws in the country.

Cuomo pushed hard for the bill following the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting just one month ago. And on the first full day of the new session, he got his wish—even waiving a normal three-day waiting period for votes on new bills. The bill will expand on the state's pre-existing assault weapons ban and also outlaws guns with any "military-style features." People who already own such guns can keep them, but must register their weapons with the state. It will also add new tracking measures for ammunition dealers and bullet sales.
It also puts new purchase restriction on people who are deemed mentally ill. In a potentially controversial change, health officials must now report patients they believe to be a danger to others, and such reporting would authorize police to confiscate any firearm those patients already own. The concern is that gun-owning patients won't seek treatment out of fear they will lose their weapons. (via)
bipartisan leadership. gettin' shit done.

lindsay lohan and james deen in, THE CANYONS

did you read that article in the nytimes last week like kylie told you to? this is a preview of the scene where lindsay gets tossed around just like daddy used to do.

today in, "did you know i'm gay?"

Of course the big "did you know i'm gay" news this week came from Jodie Foster.

But in other "did you know i'm gay" news, Victor Garber gives an interview where he is like, "oh yeah duh i'm totes gay and everyone knows it."

Duly noted Victor Garber, except HOT DAMN did you see what his boyfriend of 13 years looks like? whistle. This is Ranier Andreesen, an artist and a model:

for the record, Kate Hudson was stunning in Alexander McQueen at the Golden Globes


woody allen weighs in on our affliction

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