18 April 2011

baby raccoon has raccoon hands


he said yes!

(his second, her first)

joel a long and hamster lowery, best wishes.

love 2Pz.

james franco causes simian apocalypse


i found this on patrick halley's facebook wall. reminds me of gabe.


grace showed me this. V.v.V

guess what's back tonight...



as you probably already know, the city is currently tearing up fulton street, in some sort of effort to make things better. while digging, they recently uncovered at old-timey well from the 17th-century farm of new york's first native-born mayor, stephanus van cortlandt. they also found a bird head about some old dutch teapot pieces. you can read all about it here.

bonus link: the development of a new urban farm in the battery

what is holmes doing?!

getting into trouble!!!!!!11111  thx neely!

what are marla and casey doing?

taking lots of naps, apparently....

and being faithful vol fans, oc.

thx tina!

latest internet meme.

making fun of lady gaga!
she recently tweeted her new album's cover art, and everyone just hates it. the internet has responded by ridiculing her with parodies. like this one:


a collection of elderly animal photos. thx margaux!


casey and miley are engaged!
and look what adam drew on their macaroni grill table!
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