06 June 2011

this makes it even worse: Mrs. Weiner

This is Huma Abedin, aide to Secretary Hillary Clinton and wife of smutty picture taking Anthony Weiner. She is so pretty! Interview her next.

team roger or team rafa?

In their head-to-head matches, Nadal has won seventeen, Federer eight. Nadal has now won six of their eight Grand Slam final showdowns. Yes, but take away the overall results on clay (Nadal, 12–2), one argument goes, and the Fed emerges with a 6–5 edge on grass and hard courts. But Nadal, crucially, had to go through Federer to win a Slam on grass, Federer's fiefdom (en route to his first Wimbledon, in the greatest match of all time — no quotation marks needed there), whereas Roger's sole French, c'est triste, mais c'est vrai, is his only because he never had to face Nadal. Nadal, moreover, won their only hard-court Grand Slam final, the 2009 Australian. If any further proof were needed, there was the 2007 "Battle of the Surfaces" exhibition match, played on a specially constructed hybrid court with grass on one end, clay on the other. Guess who won?
The truth, I suspect, is that we keep saying Federer is the best ever because we need it to be so. We need to believe in the triumph of the beautiful, that the grace he embodies isn't merely incidental to his success. Because tennis, even as it appears forever on the verge of degenerating into mere athleticism (cf. the joyless gruntfest that has been the women's game of the past half decade or so), can never quite escape its subtle relationship to art — to sculpture, say, even to dance. (Attending a tennis match is even a little bit like going to the opera, what with the hushed deportment.) Nadal's two-handed backhand, so powerful that Federer once said it was like facing someone with two forehands, could never be called beautiful. But the majestic sweep of Federer's increasingly anachronistic one-hander, so ruthlessly victimized by Nadal's tsunamilike topspin, has the drama of a grand gesture. In this dialectic tennis resembles soccer, where greatness can be achieved via mere winning (Manchester United) but immortality is reserved for those who win the beautiful game beautifully (Barcelona). (via)

nErD aLeRt!

the high line : part two opens on wednesday! (see that denari back there?) here's an article about how all those dummies who didn't want it were wrong about everything.


looks like weiner was guilty the whole time. how disappointing. he's speaking at 4pm.

ignoramusky, courtesy of melissa

nyc porn


outer space porn

An intimate tour... in 1080p... of Earth's most impressive landscapes... as captured by astronauts with their digital cameras. Dr. Justin Wilkinson from NASA's astronaut team describes the special places that spacemen focus on whenever they get a moment.


what did joel do this weekend?

you ok?

oh brother.

gotcha questions.

ugh, and look.

breaking dawn trailer


see y'all on november 18.


prodigy #1

prodigy #2

well, i never

Last month, this four-month-old bear, believed to have been abandoned by its mother, wandered into the yard of a family living in the village of Podvrh in Slovenia, and bonded not only with the family, but also with the family dog, seen here getting a substantial bear hug. Sadly, Medo, as he's called, will grow to be dangerous and weigh maybe 770 pounds, so he'll have to be wrenched from his loving adoptive home and placed in a wildlife shelter.

this weekend - im going opening night

are you with me, or against me?


(too scary for work)

new for your dvr

TEEN WOLF on mtv.

i watched the first episode tonight after the mtv movie awards (omg did you see edward making out with jacob?) and i think ill keep watching.

joel and i were talking about this this weekend

because i heard this song coming out of 2 different cars in one day. one of joey tony's favorites, amirite joey tony?
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