19 December 2012

kylie's wishlist


it's corgi time again.

click here to see the year's top 40 most influential corgis.

protect your hoovez.


newtown survivors + golden retriever "comfort dogs".

good thing no one ever flipped joel upside down.

actually, it's puppeh time.

you will. NEVER. believe what happens to this puppeh.

it's corgi time.

james franco's gay porn trailer

interior. leather bar.


these guys document their illegal mission to climb europe's newest tallest building in moscow. turn on the closed captioning on youtube for subtitles. and hold on to your armrests.

tooot tOOOOt, taco bell for dinner

couldn't not ctm at this.


The downtown Tomato Head may soon have more space.
Architect Elizabeth Eason has submitted an application to the Historic Zoning Commission that outlines a renovation plan which includes expansion into the space at 14 Market Square, formerly home to Marble Slab Creamery.
Among other things, the application outlines plans for an additional black metal fence enclosure; a new metal awning; and new wood windows.
In 2009, Tomato Head owners Mahasti Vafaie and Scott Partin paid $740,000 to buy 14 Market Square.
Partin said Tuesday that the restaurant is aiming to expand by February or March. (via)
plenty of room up here in brooklyn, too....

a lady president for South Korea

Park Geun-Hye has won the election to be the nation's first lady president. She is a member of the conservative party, and her father was former President (slash dictator) Park Chung-hee who was assassinated in 1979. Read the CNN report, it sounds like an interesting election.

its corgi time


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