25 March 2011

i want to SEE that.

"Astronomy and archaeology, Mr. Guzman believes, are variations of the same quest, with one directed toward the sky and the other into the earth." (via)

for keeks

i searched my gmail for the earliest reference to "wbd" that hasn't been deleted. it was this chat to kylie on 12 june 2006:

me: Speaking of WBD, did you and joel get moved in alright?

kylie and joel had just moved to alphabet city from knoxville, and i was not yet in new york.

dedicated to bun-bun


happy 100th anniversary, triangle shirtwaist factory fire ;(

ever wonder why we have labor rights, emergency exit signs, and my favorite construction industry term, "panic hardware" (push bars) on doors, etc? well, the triangle shirtwaist factory fire of 1911 is why. today marks 100 years since this horrific tragedy, and i've included the segment of ken burns' new york documentary which, incidentally, is required 2Pz viewing. netflix that s up.

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