23 August 2010

john's counterfeit penny

i heard a story at some point over the past couple weeks about john getting a counterfeit penny with some sort of shield on the the back of it. i was confused because why would anyone ever go the trouble to make a fake penny. it already costs more to fabicate a one cent piece then the value of the currency itself. anyway, turns out john threw away real money. i bet he really regrets that now. think of all he could have accomplished with that penny. more info on the redesign here. via.

best videos of the 90s.


pitchfork compiled a fun new list: the top 50 videos of the 1990's.



good list. what are your faves?

how does this make you feel

i cant help but feel bad for all those little dinosaurs.

get ready to be bored.

jenny and johnny's album is up for listens at npr.

i bet joel will disagree with me on this one, and think it's real good. and that's what keeps the world spinnin'.

UPDATE: i got ScOoPeD!

that. just. happened.

Tales of reptiles in the sewers have long been part of New York City lore, though they have been largely discounted as urban legend.
But here is the true story of a two-foot-long creature that Joyce Hackett came across in Queens on Sunday afternoon. She was on her way to a store that sells salvaged building materials when she missed her turn for Astoria Boulevard. So she turned around. She pulled up to the intersection of Newtown Avenue and 29th Street when she noticed a police officer and a small crowd of people clustered around a blue car.
She parked her car and got out to see what all the fuss was about. People were pointing under the car and taking pictures. That is when she saw it. (via)

streaming : im having fun now

jenny and johnny. its good and fun, doesnt really aspire to greatness.
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