07 October 2014



does this remind anyone else of thomas wilhelm?

thx emilube!

the voice report

well all the teams are set. last night didn't have really any contestants that i got super excited about. no elyjuhs, iykwim. i guess if i had to pick a best, it would be this southern white girl who murdered a beyonce song.

my favorite would probably be this teenager who had the good sense to sing some macy gray, which we all know is a crowd pleaser.

now that it's all said and done, i think that pharell has the most talented team, and will have a great chance at winning. i will be pulling for gwen, of course. she pulled out the "you like clothes?" bribe on another woman just because she's a woman last night, and that gag never gets old for me.

next week, we start the battle rounds, and the coaches bring in helpers! gwen trots out her husband gavin, which. and there was a preview of what happens when elyjuh (#teamelyjuh) sees pharell's guest coach, alicia keys. he lets out the highest pitched scream i've ever heard and my heart just soared! also, STEVIE NICKS IS COMING!!! this is a perfect time for you to start watching if you haven't already.

read the gawker recap here.

read about stevie nicks making HAIM her moon sisters here.

mickey boardman interviews marc jacobs

i find them both delightful

your fortnightly boat

joel showed me this awesome article and video about the new class of container ships. they are so big that we can't even use them in our tiny little american ports. mmmmmmmmMMOOOOOOOoooooOOOoooooooo!!

new music tuesday

tinashe - aquarius

caribou - our love

stevie nicks - 24 karat gold

courtney love is good at guitar. also singing.

the story goes that a sound engineer isolated her guitar and vocals and uploaded this because he didn't get paid. reminds me of.
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