04 March 2014

what a strange and beautiful piece of furniture

Bennington Chair 
Exclusively ours. Add hunting lodge ambiance to seating with this intriguing armchair. It brings a distinctively masculine feel to the room.

thx 4 tha tip rosanna

drunk in love, emoji edition

thx dale!

g-d bless HodaWoman

everyone set your VCR to record this show

Cosmos is a reboot of the landmark Carl Sagan narrated miniseries from PBS in 1980. The new version, with everybody's favorite astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, is on Fox on Mondays. read a nytimes profile here.

the roots make everything better

hey kylie, when are we watching FROZEN?

The Origins Of HIV and Continuing Cross Species Transmissions - FASCINATING!!!!!!

This is 2 years old but is still kind of the most fascinating thing ever...but I took college courses on human evolution and primatology so... ya know. The lesson is - don't hunt primates.

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