17 February 2011

watch what happens, like andy cohen


your weekly white station thing of the week

what starla is like at bennys burritos


definitely for kylie


me: "im not ashamed to admit that i loved that." kylie: "i loved it too."

this just came on tv, and not its on our blog. just like that.

halp plz!


bear, chillin in the car to the max

“I live on a ranch where there are lots of bears…there was one that learned how to open open door handles. It got in and the wind must have shut the door, it got into 3 other peoples cars before getting shut in mine. it drank 4 beers, ate a bottle of mallox, and crapped all over the place.”

omg watch out little boy

things are looking serious at the polar bear swimming pool i told you about. via.

just a little dancing goat with a hipster friend


hey, did you read that scientology story in the new yorker?

in the latest issue, there is a 28-page-long expose, inspired by director paul haggis's 30+ year involvement in the church, which ultimately ended in his leaving. it took me about 3 hours to read, but it really is quite riveting. it even made the approval matrix! i really liked the end of it.

above is an interview with the author on npr's fresh air, detailing the incredible amount of fact-checking that accompanied the publishing of the article.

did you ever stop to think...

...how did egypt actually turn the entire internet off?
Because the Internet’s legendary robustness and ability to route around blockages are part of its basic design, even the world’s most renowned network and telecommunications engineers have been perplexed that the Mubarak government succeeded in pulling the maneuver off.
But now, as Egyptian engineers begin to assess fragmentary evidence and their own knowledge of the Egyptian Internet’s construction, they are beginning to understand what, in effect, hit them. Interviews with many of those engineers, as well as an examination of data collected around the world during the blackout, indicate that the government exploited a devastating combination of vulnerabilities in the national infrastructure. (via)
reminds me of.

congratulations, watson!

that robot schooled ken and brad. this article has a lot of extra watson info, including some possible real-life applications of the language-recognition technology developed during his creation.
“I had a great time and I would do it again in a heartbeat,” said Mr. Jennings. “It’s not about the results; this is about being part of the future.” 
For I.B.M., the future will happen very quickly, company executives said. On Thursday it plans to announce that it will collaborate with Columbia University and the University of Maryland to create a physician’s assistant service that will allow doctors to query a cybernetic assistant. The company also plans to work with Nuance Communications Inc. to add voice recognition to the physician’s assistant, possibly making the service available in as little as 18 months.
“I have been in medical education for 40 years and we’re still a very memory-based curriculum,” said Dr. Herbert Chase, a professor of clinical medicine at Columbia University who is working with I.B.M. on the physician’s assistant. “The power of Watson- like tools will cause us to reconsider what it is we want students to do.” (via)

ready for warm-ups

PS1 announced the winner of the young architects competition for this summer. i think it looks pretty cool. especially the above drawing. see it all here: interboro

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