27 February 2013

this has 2ooPz written all over it.


NEWSFLASH: is this new williamsburg honkeytonk going to sell bushwackers?

  The garrulous guys behind popular craft beer dive Lucky Dog have branched out with a new joint just a few blocks away on Metropolitan Avenue, in the former home of Bar Berry. Called Skinny Dennis (after a country music bassist who died onstage in 1975 at the age of 28) the bar perpetuates the laid-back yet well-curated vibe of Lucky Dog, but with a honky-tonk theme. Co-owner Sal Fristensky happens to be a big country music fan, and Skinny Dennis will present live music three nights a week, supplemented by a jukebox that spans the spectrum from country to classic rock.

   Most of the beer is domestic, with 18 craft brews on tap, and all of them running about $5. For good old boys on a budget, Skinny Dennis also serves a 24 oz Coors banquet beer in a mason jar for $4, as well as $3 Bud, PBR and Rolling Rock. Or for $6 you can get a delicious and refreshing Uncle Willie's Frozen Coffee, which comes out of the daiquiri machine Mack bought for $9,000. Ingredients include milk, vanilla, sugar, bourbon, coffee liqueur, brandy, Oslo coffee, and another floater of bourbon on the top for good measure. Skinny Dennis serves it in a classic "Anthora" Greek coffee cup, in case everything else in the joint makes you forget you're still in Brooklyn.

I don't know what goes in a bushwacker. who wants to go with me to find out? thx kirby


last year, i learned how to death drop. this year, i'm going to sissy bounce. "spread yo legs, arch yo back, go up and down and make it clap"

today in, "did you know i'm gay?"

did russell simmons just come out of the closet on twitter?

hot air balloon snuff film

there were 19 people in this hot air balloon when it popped. as is the norm in egypt, their souls have been sucked into the pyramids and they are now paying homage to the phaorohs for eternity. two people survived by jumping out. how is that even a thing.

anne hathaway's oscar dress controversy

i knew that people didn't really like anne hathaway's pink prada oscar dress. i thought this was because people just basically don't seem to like anne hathaway (note: i like anne hathaway), or because the chest darts looked like nipples, but it turns out there was more to this story.

anne switched dresses two hours before show time
she was supposed to wear the valentino dress in the middle
she switched because she found out that amanda seyfried's dress was a look-a-like alexander mcqueen
jennifer aniston also switched from a look-a-like nude valentino to a red valentino
seems to me that amanda seyfriend should have been the one to switch dresses to give the future oscar winner her moment in the sun in her first choice dress.
ultimately anne apologizes for switching

omg look at this post

look at all that scribble-scrabble underneath my roommate's photo. 

nytimes trend alert

hey, owls are a thing. NEW TREND ALERT, owls.

     In the Western imagination, the owl surely vies with the penguin for the position of My Favorite Bird. “Everyone loves owls,” said David J. Bohaska, a paleobiologist at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, who discovered one of the earliest owl fossils. “Even mammalogists love owls.” 
     Owls are a staple of children’s books and cultural kitsch — here wooing pussycats in pea-green boats and delivering mail to the Harry Potter crew, there raising a dubiously Wise eyebrow in the service of snack food. Yet for all this apparent familiarity, only lately have scientists begun to understand the birds in any detail, and to puzzle out the subtleties of behavior, biology and sensory prowess that set them apart from all other avian tribes.

"alright. two clean delicious oreos."

oreo separator machine
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