18 September 2014

i'm sorry, WHAT?!?!

New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand has a dedicated photo section in her new memoir, Off the Sidelines, and it includes one very important photo.
Apparently Gillibrand was once roommates with beloved Nashville actress Connie Britton when the two Dartmouth undergrads were studying abroad for a summer in Beijing. (via)

what a dream.


someone got a gif of Ms. Dangles from the last time we were upstate.

have you heard that gwen stefani is going to be a voice coach this year?

here she is in a lip-sync battle with fellow coach blake shelton on jimmy fallon.

it's a bye week.

grantland's holly anderson took the trip to oklahoma with the vols and wrote all about them and how cute they are.
Right about here, these guys get loud. Before each home game, seven of former Vols coach Robert Neyland’s game maxims are recited in the stadium bearing his name, and the sound of 100,000 or so voices trying to keep time feels like a rhythmless roar in the open UT air. The 70 or so voices doing it in a cramped visitors’ locker room are entirely in unison, and the volume is skull-rattling. The cadence speeds up as they go along, and when they finish blurting out the final maxim (“CARRY THE FIGHT TO OKLAHOMA AND KEEP IT THERE FOR 60 MINUTES”), they turn and run for the field. Just as they hit the stadium concourse leading back to that ramp, ominous bell-tolling sounds roll in, signaling the Sooners’ emergence. It’s just dark enough to see pregame fireworks burst and glitter behind the top rows of bleachers.

i am really going to miss watching all those young individuals mature this weekend. and i'm also going to miss watching them crush georgia's dreamz next weekend because i'll be on a mountaintop helping erin macbreath get married. starla will have to miss it too though, so that helps.

a query as old as time.

i was surprisingly touched and fascinated by this nymag investigation into what drives male doctors into the field of gynecology. for example, this one was not the most serious, but an adorable mindset:
"I worried I’d have no patients."
I was nervous about being a young, male gynecologist. Frankly, I worried I’d have no patients. But I’ve learned that some women still prefer male doctors, and it’s not for the reasons you might think. They say men are more sensitive on average, more responsive to their concerns. I’ve heard that men are better at pelvic exams because we’re so terrified of causing discomfort that we’re obsessively gentle. Male doctors are less dismissive of a woman’s problems because everything sounds so terrifying and horrifying to us since we don’t go through it. Like, tell us your period is heavy and we feel awful about it!

is scotland anything?

did you know that the people of scotland are voting today to decide whether they remain part of the UK or become their own independent nation? isn't that so weird?
Those who favor independence argue that Scotland is politically and culturally alienated from a government in London dominated by the Conservatives and the power of money. Many in left-leaning Scotland say a yes vote would bring them not only autonomy but also a more Scandinavian-style social democracy — nuclear free and more equitable.
Some in the yes campaign seem to be making quasi-economic arguments of their own, selling Scotland as a socialist paradise of enhanced benefits fueled by endless amounts of North Sea oil and gas.
Yet the warnings of British and international economists are not easily dismissed. They tend to center on questions of the currency, budget deficits, energy resources and relatively lower growth in Scotland, as well as reduced clout in global affairs for a shrunken Britain.
Tight polls have many in Washington freshly alarmed, with the White House and many American heavyweights voicing strong support for keeping the United Kingdom together.
more scandinavian sounds good. need help deciding where you stand?

i can't wait to find out what happens!
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