07 August 2013


the new spike jonze jam, featuring joaquin phoenix, egg adams, and scar jo. sure, i'll see that.

help. hank. help. help. hank. help.


janice soprano is my spirit animal

did you see jay-z's star-studded "performance art" piece?

ctm marina abramovic.

they say jemima kirke got herself thrown out for jumpin' on him.

shark week hijinks

add this to the list of horrors of living in new york.
Just after midnight this morning riders on a Queens-bound N train in New York City — who are fairly used to seeing bizarre things on the subway — were greeted by the ripe, fishy smell of a dead shark. To be clear, there was an actual shark lying on the floor under the subway car's seat. (via)
Actually, subway riders were debating which props were okay to add to a photo of a dead shark. Apparently cigarettes, red bull cans and metro cards are in good taste. "I do think it's disrespectful to do certain things to dead shark corpses," said Juan D. Cano, another Gothamist tipster. "But adding a MetroCard under its fin is not disrespectful."

everybody loves this song

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