07 March 2012

there is a puppy in this video, but you might not notice

because those two besweatered goats are really stealing the show! thx melissa via

do you like sea food?

how the sausage is made (aka blog sneak attack)

a client sent me this link
there's an eagles nest in an "undisclosed" location in VA where every year the eagles lay eggs and have babies!
 me:  are those eagles cuddly?
 Melissa:  the babies will be!
 Sent at 3:21 PM on Wednesday
 me:  post
 Sent at 3:26 PM on Wednesday
 Melissa:  :)
i cant wait to see the puppehs!
 me:  ctm
 Sent at 3:29 PM on Wednesday
 Melissa:  its only supposed to take like 30 days for those eggs to hatch
isnt that crazy
 me:  that seems like a long time
eggs are fragile
 Melissa:  a long time? we incubate for like 280 days!
 Sent at 3:35 PM on Wednesday
 me:  whoa
you knew that number
 Melissa:  no.
i multiplied 9 (months) by 30
and added a couple for the months that have 31 days
and to make me look even more dumb. i used a calculator
but in my defense it was sitting on my desk just waiting for me to use it...i could have done that math in my head (i hope)

impossible - the NOTE that was never read

the stork is about to drop off a baby eagle

Streaming by Ustream if you pay attention to this eagle's nest, you will witness the miracle of life: baby animals! melissa shared this.

brandy + monica - it all belongs to me

coincidentally, their last collaboration came out in the 10th grade. by the way, did anyone ever find out what that note said?

thx sneakers!

the name of fiona apple's upcoming album

The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do. (via

watch these pangins

thx starla!

isabella get down

thx carly


based on a request from rachel cheek, i present to you...

rap from the 10th grade!!!

wall of complimentz

rachel: it's a 2pz chrome crasher morning
you're all welcome.



s / s / s - museum day


sufjan stevens + son lux + serengeti

beach house - myth

new album, bloom, rumored to be out may 15th. get excited.

lenny kravitz, ellen, and the hunger games

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