07 October 2011

what do justin hunter, eric berry, and smokey all have in common?

yes, i know they are all VOLS, but did you also know that they are all recuperating from a torn ACL?
Dr. Darryl Millis and veterinary assistant Carol Tuft monitor Smokey the University of Tennessee mascot during a workout on an underwater treadmill Wednesday at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine. The 8-year-old blue-tick coonhound is undergoing physical therapy after being diagnosed with a partial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right back leg. (via)
good thing UT is home to one of the nation's premiere veterinary medicine programs!

see his sunglasses?

git 'em, smoke!!

thx bun-bun!

do you like james blake?

not the tennis player, the british electropop player. he has a new EP out. here it is:

it features this gorge collabo with bon iver:

Kismet is from the Capitol. DUH.

with a hairdo like that was there any question? some of us were just not made for manual labor and a life without the finer things.

talib kweli stopped by OWS


georgia really does suck

there are two stories on espn.com right now about how awesome tennessee is and how much georgia sucks.

Tennessee has handed Mark Richt two of his worst losses in his last two trips there.

ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia Bulldogs players and coaches would love to forget their last two trips to Knoxville, Tenn. But some losses leave marks that just don't go away when the bruises heal.

The last two games Georgia played against the Volunteers in Neyland Stadium found the Bulldogs being outscored 80-33. The point disparity was not the only painful memory.

not that you need espn to tell you that.
gametime 7:00 espn2

are you a career or WHAT.

i would not like to meet you in the arena!

2 ceeyute.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

i need to get myself a hammock!  thx starla!

this movie looks gooooood

that song is 11 biscuits!


Joel: halloween costume idea
im going to set myself on fire

what is DJV doing this weekend?

thx neely!

nErD aLeRt!

While ABC has conspicuously begun to celebrate the early jet age, the Port Authority has begun to tear it down.

Terminal 6 at Kennedy International Airport — a crisp island of aesthetic tranquillity by the master architect I. M. Pei — is being demolished. The boarding gates are already piles of rubble. The main pavilion, whose white steel roof seems to float ethereally over cascades of diaphanous green glass, is expected to come down by the end of October.

Though the demolition has long been planned, the timing now is unintentionally paradoxical. With the recent debut of the ABC drama “Pan Am,” it seems safe to say there has never been so much popular interest in the jet-set era of the 1960s and early ’70s. National Airlines, perhaps best remembered for christening its jetliners with women’s names and inviting the public to “fly me,” opened Terminal 6 in 1969 as the Sundrome.

Sophisticated, subtle engineering made this transparency possible. The main pavilion of Terminal 6 has a deep roof truss that rests on 16 enormous cylindrical concrete columns. That eliminated the need for load-bearing walls, which allowed Mr. Pei to design a pioneering all-glass enclosure. One can look straight through the building and out the other side. Rain is drained off the roof through the columns, eliminating the need for any visible ductwork. (via)

countdown made me think of...

these gap ads. 1998? #canyoubelieveit?

district 7, y'all!

do you want your very own capitol ID? i thought so. click here to make one and send it to me (use "image DIP") and i'll post it!

thx starla!

how lucky are we?

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