19 April 2011

bear dance


i meant to post this and i cant remember if i did

and i think even if i did, its ok to see it again.

a game everybody wins!


what is hank doing?

greeting his gf phoebe, who just returned to doggie daycare from vacay!


a review of beyonce's new single


the stabby 3.

A homeless man used a pen to stab a woman in the head Tuesday after she berated him for trying to smoke on a subway train, police said.

A police source said the man had a cigarette on his lip and was trying to light it when the woman tried to convince him to stop.

Then, without warning, he pulled out a pen and plunged it into her head just after 9 a.m.

The victim was taken from the southbound No. 3 train at Chambers St. and West Broadway to New York Downtown Hospital. The 45-year-old woman was in stable condition.

The homeless man was arrested for assault, police said.
keep your thoughts to yourself when dealing with h-people, ok?

a story from my real life

i work in an 2-floor office of about 40 people. on the second floor, there are a total of three women, myself included. we share one two-stall bathroom, so the bathroom is uninhabited about 90% of the day, if not more. on a related note, my company just spent a significant amount of time and money to install solar panels on our roof, which provide more than enough energy needed to power our office, and we sell the extra back to the local utilities board.

i've been working here for over a year now, and i noticed when i started that the bathroom light was always left on. given the solar panels, my big-city-liberal sensibilities, and innate common sense, i make an effort to turn the light off when i leave the bathroom. it's never caught on, but i still do it.

this afternoon, i was leaving the bathroom when i found the note pictured above next to the light switch. first thing i did was check out the desk of my work nemesis, who i like to call "rupal's drag race". she is a bossy terror, but ultimately lacks grace with her attempts at anonymity. hot pink post-its everywhere.

i'm beside myself about this whole situation, which i find to be complete and utter nonsense. my need to defy her request has monopolized my thoughts for the last hour, and i'm just unsure how to gauge the value of revenge / winning versus the risks involved with workplace passive-aggressiveness.

at any rate, john and i have brainstormed some pretty epic responses, which i'm sure everyone can enjoy:

john: next time you see her go in
wait till she's got her panties around her ankles, and then turn off the light

me: should i leave a hot pink post-it on her computer
"please turn your mouth off when you're done ruining the environment. thank you."

john: take her note, and wipe your ass with it, and leave THAT on her desk
that'll teach her
me: thats the best idea yet

me: i thought about putting her note in the toilet and forgetting to flush
so she could find it

john: scrawl BITCH on the note
me: in menstrual blood
and i'll put in parentheses "that's from my uterus"

john: i say, turn off the light, and wipe turd on the light switch. then just sit back and wait for her to get your poo on her hands
me: its officially giggles o clock

john: no, write, "go back to where you came from!"
it's time you resort to plain ol' fashioned racism

what do YOU guys think i should do?!

alright i guess.

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

sweet mary mother of joseph!

guess what's back tonight...


and gwyneth!!

and sunshine corazon!

understandable (must wake up for party)


new beyonce


the commenters dont like it, but i cant not.

im sorry i didnt know. well now you do

whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

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