16 April 2014

omg lol

i don't get it, so now bus rapid transit is against the law?

damn tennessee, you stupid.

next time i go to the clurb

which one is your favorite?

mine is the fist pumping one in the center, obvi. SOURCE

two things.

click HERE to listen to the new kelis album.

click HERE to listen to a tribute album of jason molina (aka songs: ohia) covers.

an interview with our friend, daniel franzese

flim gets credit for all of this

Amy Schumer’s Parody of Aaron Sorkin

a pretty convincing analysis

you should read this discussion about the perceived foreshadowing in mad men's recent seasons surrounding megan's character, and the potential inclusion of a sharon tate-type murder or tie-in to the historical murder itself.
I combed over the episode to look for anything that might possibly reference the Manson murders. Megan’s still dressing like Sharon Tate, for starters.
That dress, absolutely. That was the first thing I thought. And whatever canyon Megan lives in — Don makes that reference to Megan that she’s isolated, that he’s disturbed by that, and that he’s not sure that she’s safe there. I’m not sure they’re setting her up to be murdered, but she certainly might hear the shots in the night.
And then there’s Megan’s career. The pilot she was auditioning for, Bracken’s World, was a real show about starlets trying to make it in Hollywood.
You could link that back to Valley of the Dolls, which Sharon Tate was in. And that was sort of that lifestyle.
Though Megan hasn’t started taking drugs yet. [Editor’s note: Bracken’s World was created by Dorothy Kingsley, who co-wrote the Valley of the Dolls screenplay. Eerie!]
Okay, here’s the big one: Folgers coffee. Peggy and Ted have this big conversation about coffee while Peggy is holding a Folgers can, and then Stan walks in and says something like, “That was not about coffee.”
And Abigail Folger was one of Charles Manson’s victims. She was the heiress to the Folgers coffee fortune and was a friend of Roman Polanski, so she was staying at the house. I think that’s probably a good catch on your part. Because why would they have that coffee room debate?

the resurgence of (design) memphis

i had no idea it existed until i saw it cited as a reference for the new st. vincent album art back when that came out. reports from this year's milan design week indicate that the postmodernist aesthetic that emerged 30+ years ago is having a moment again.
The Memphis movement began in 1980 after Postmodernist designer Ettore Sottsass gathered together a group of like-minded designers working in Milan. The group allegedly took its name from the 1966 Bob Dylan track "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again" that was played throughout their meeting.
The designers, including Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Michael Graves, George Sowden and Nathalie Du Pasquier, debuted a range of pieces designed to communicate ideas rather than being based on forms at the 1981 Salone del Mobile in Milan.
"It was probably the beginning of a new era," Du Pasquier told Dezeen. "Form did not have to follow function any more, and design was about communication. Even though very few of the things were actually in production, it was a big mass-media event."
These products included Sottsass' unconventional Carlton bookcase, which featured colourful angled shelves and bookends, disconnected from one another. It aimed to question why a bookcase needed to look like a typical bookcase.
This notion fell under the Postmodern cultural style - a reaction to the functional aesthetic of the Modernism movement prevalent in the years before - and resulted in a series of pieces created from geometric shapes in bright colours. (via)

the truth about broad city

i found this critique recently published in the guardian to be a thoughtful and accurate portrayal of why the show works.
But usually these leading ladies are glossy caricatures, Kate Hudsons and Drew Barrymores, with problems like, “I’m too focused on my glamorous career to find love” or “I feign awkwardness when really I’m running around Manhattan in five-inch Jimmy Choos.” These protagonists’ supposedly relatable flaws were the exceptions that proved the rule: they were actually pretty close to attaining the unattainable holy trinity of perfect body, perfect job, perfect man.
In a way that doesn’t feel like obvious parody, Broad City sends up all of these tropes. In one scene, Abbi tells Ilana: “Glasses off, you’re fucking gorgeous.” It’s a nod to makeover montages in which women get a few new dresses and pluck their eyebrows and are suddenly model-beautiful. Far from worrying about the “day to evening” looks touted by women’s magazines, Ilana shows up to the office in a “shirt” the size of a napkin. Abbi doesn’t complain about making time to go to the gym; her job is cleaning up vomit in the bathroom after spin class. Ilana is dating a guy who just kind of … bores her. These are the sorts of problems that young women really deal with in the years when their personal and professional lives are still very much in development. But mercifully, Abbi and Ilana are not discussing them over $14 mimosas at brunch with a gay man who doesn’t appear have a life of his own. They are ignoring them while they get stoned, eat cereal, and shoot the shit on video chat.
also see: this cute video featuring ilana glazer. (thx kennedy)

would you like to know what to expect from the sky this summer?

jicydak, i'm a deft amateur meteorologist with some notable talents in weather control. i've had a bad feeling about what's to come based on the relentless brutality of this past winter. and now my fears have been confirmed. please read this summary of the farmer's almanac predictions for summer 2k14:
The 2014 edition of the Farmer’s Almanac predicts the New York area will be socked by a wet, hot summer that’s set to dump a higher-than-average amount of rain across the five boroughs.
“It looks like it’s going to be an oppressively hot and humid summer for the New York area,” said Sandi Duncan, the almanac’s managing editor.
“It’s going to be very humid and thundery,” she added.
Things will start heating up in mid-June, just as heavy rainfalls begin to move into the area, soaking city dwellers.
The heat and heavy rainfall will endure through the month of July and some of August before things begin to cool off and dry out.
also, sandy part two:
Duncan said a severe hurricane will likely threaten the East Coast sometime between Sept. 16 and 19, and take a course similar to that of Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

flim this is for you - rupaul now has a podcast

RuPaul : What's the Tee? with Michelle Visage

your fortnightly boat

omf look at this tumped south korean ferry!
At least two people are dead as a rescue effort remains underway after a South Korean passenger ferry began sinking on Wednesday morning. The ship was carrying more than 470 passengers — many of them high school students — when it began to list badly and capsized. One unconfirmed local media outlet reported that the ferry hit a rock.
The rescue operation involving dozens of rescue boats and helicopters has recovered about 180 passengers so far. At least two passengers are confirmed dead and more than 290 are still missing. (via)

starla tried to glitter bomb the boston marathon finish line

this suspicious character was observed leaving some kind fake bomb full of confetti on boylston street. all i know is that i'd recognize that hat anywhere.
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