31 October 2010

new ke$ha single

ke$ha - sleazy

from the upcoming "cannibal" which is "animal" with a few extra songs.

29 October 2010

does chris jones look like brian wilson?

UPDATE: 2 more days to vote. tell your kids, tell your wives, tell your husbands cuz they all need to be votin' up in here.

remember that post about the crazy giants pitcher? doesnt he look like my sister's boyfriend?

im going to make this a poll.

into the acid with you! muahahah.


happy halloween!

hideous hermaphroditical character.

created using actual quotes of the former presidential candidates. thx midge!

you need to just watch this entire segment.

this show is my #2 behind 30 rock. for the (probably not) last time, if you dont watch it, you should start.


This takes the idea of a haunted house and cranks it up about eight million percent. In Minneapolis, there's a Halloween experience that's called the next evolution of the haunted house, and honestly, it sounds beyond messed up.
It's called "Death." It's underground, because it would probably be illegal and impossible to get it licensed. And it's messed up. A reporter from the Twin Cities' "City Pages" tried it out, and may be scarred for life. Here's how he describes it.
You find out the time and place by word of mouth. When you get there, it's a vacant lot. As soon as you get out of your car, three large men with masks come up behind you, put a hood over your head, and throw you into the trunk of a car.
Loud heavy metal music blares. When you get your hood off, you see you're joined in the trunk by a recently killed goat.
They stop 20 minutes later. They take you out of the trunk, put the hood back on, bind your wrists and ankles, and throw you down. Then, the music stops and all you hear are shovels digging. No matter what you say, the men don't say a word.
The men unload a wooden coffin. They put you inside, close the lid, then bury you alive in the hole they just dug. They throw dirt on the coffin.
After about 20 minutes, the reporter doesn't remember exactly, he says it felt like forever, and he was crying, they dig you up. They take off the hood and drive away, and you realize you were right by your car the whole time.
There's no word on how much you pay for this experience. If you're interested, it's run by a guy who goes by Speece, and you'd have to go and ask around in Minneapolis to find out how to get involved. (via)

thx davey!

this is important.

a recent survey conducted with members armed forces indicates that on an individual level, most troops think serving with gays is nbd. the study is set to be announced in december (conveniently post-election, i might add), but the results were leaked to this guy, who chose to share them with rachel maddow.

what did jenny slate eat last week?

For dinner, I went to a restaurant on Atlantic Avenue called Jolie, and I ate escargots and beef tongue as an appetizer. And then for dinner I had my favorite thing in the world, steak tartare. I'll eat anything. I'm down. The only thing I won't eat is celery. I think it ruins everything.
I had a St. Germian–and-Champagne cocktail and I had a beer, then I came home. (via)
there's about a week's worth of this. it's cute, and she reps a lot of neighborhood joints (like sahadi's and sweet melissa!). she's right about celery, too. shit is gross.

i just finished reading and now i'm officially obsessed with jenny slate.

omg, snuffles, are you ok?!?!?!

"Yeah, it was really confusing and catastrophic in a lot of ways because it was a virus I had that affected my nervous system and I no longer had control of my responses to circumstances and events. I had this hyper-adrenaline and was in chronic pain. I had to go and see neurologists and physical therapists and do all of these tests. The nervous system, the brain and spinal cord are so mysterious, profound and beyond our understanding. When you’re not well and your body has these traumatic responses to illness, it takes so long to recover from that and have your body restore itself. It took months and months and months. It was really bizarre." - sufjan stevens

maximum balloon : young love

now that ive had time to digest, i wanted to share my favorite track off the maximum balloon album we talked about before.

28 October 2010

cute as always.

"Block After Block" - Matt & Kim by dustinnguyen

let go my nose plz?


helping hand


they are very nasty


Pee-Wee's Playhouse Theme

i want that.


ur bout ta git animal-bombed!!!

that'n's for joel.
puppy in a container.
happy hallowe'en!
don't try to trick me. you are clearly a corgi.
BFFs (hopefully!)
don't plz.
don't mind if i do!
see what i've got here?

you're welcome! which one was your favorite?

james franco in 127 hours


Robyn 'Indestructible' Official Video

i'm gonna love you like i've never been hurt before.

now that's how you make a music video.

check this out.

five minutes of audrina's mom drunk as hell smokin' a cigarette while bitchin' on a curb to paparazzi about her daughter getting the boot on dancing with the stars.

"and i'll tell you what. driiinaaaa is gonna fuckin' thrive. and she's got class and you know why? you know why? oh, fuckin' a, she's a polish catholic fuckin' full-on italian. not only thaa-aaat, she was raised right. and i don't give a shit!"

ugh! 11 biscuits!!

mimi's preggers.

more importantly, she's releasing a ChRiStMaS aLbUm!!!!

jesus christ.

ktp's new video for 'firework'. there are a million better songs than this on that album. i was certain 'last friday night' was next. that song is RIPE for cinematic interpretation!

this was a mistake. THIS....is how you make a video about body image. take notes, katy.

obama on the daily show

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Barack Obama Pt. 1
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorRally to Restore Sanity
part 2 - part 3

bonus link: i really enjoyed this article outlining the president's true philosophies, as revealed by his past influences.

interesting connection

i was watching glee with liz last night, and she told me she had come across dianna agron's (quinn fabray's) blog, and that it was pretty cool. so i was just checking it out, and learned that she has really great taste in music (read: just like mine).

interestingly, she directed a music video for 2Pz favorite, thao with the get down stay down. check it out!

27 October 2010

what to do...

...next time you leave your phone at your favorite bar or in a friendly taxicab.

i cant find my phone

thx liz!

um, fainting goat kittens

sweet gay jesus put these on the earth so i could show them to you.via.

your daily ri-ri

Rihanna Ft. Drake - What’s My Name [New Single / 2010]

she's got a new song out too!! with drake, also. this will be on her upcoming album, loud.

oh and also!

the first single off lupe fiasco's upcoming album lasers is on the internet. hear the modest mouse?

lupe fiasco - the show goes on
and here's one of kanye's new jams feat. ri-ri and drizzy....

kanye west (feat. rihanna + drake) - all of the lights


this other'n's boring, but i'll include it anyway...

lykke li - paris blue

you can download both tracks for free right here.

misery bear makes a new friend

misery bear would be a good costume for kismet. just thinking out loud. via.

im very sorry for what i did

yesterday during the inclement weather in nashville melissa asked her roommate to move isabella inside and shut her in the bedroom so she wouldnt get dorothy'd by a tornado. when melissa finally made it home to cuddle and play with izzy, she found that the pup had left a poop for her next to the door. not only was there a poop, but izzy had stolen a square of toilet paper that melissa had used to wipe off makeup out of the trash bin and placed it on top of the poop. because she was still afraid she hadnt cleaned up enough, izzy had also grabbed one sock out of a tennis shoe in the closet and put that on top of the toilet paper poop pile. poor thing didnt have the thumbs necessary to take care of the job.

i have a poison ivy poster in my bedroom

proenza schouler :: "act da fool" by harmony korine

i used to call my dad st. nick cuz he fat as hell and he always walkin around with a red hat on.

some people on the internet think that this promotional film for proenza schouler is racist because of its portrayal of "black stereotypes." i am not one of the people that think this. i think that this little film by the guy that made gummo shows poverty, and recontextualizes these girls that live in poverty to show their beauty and power. nothing racist about that.

26 October 2010

i am love, redux

sometimes things bear repeating. kylie already reviewed this little picture, but since it never opened in wide release, there is a good chance you never had the opportunity to see it.

i saw it last night (netflix) and was totally mesmerized. it was a visual feast and tells a timeless story, see it any way you can. not enough biscuits for tilda swinton.

also, here is another internet challenge for you... i want to know what font was used on the title card graphics between scenes during the film. help?

james dean poking his head out


good fucking design advice posters


SNL housewives

andy cohen moderated an original reunion sketch on an snl babes clip show. i dont recognize the lady sitting between andy and tina fey. via.

kings and queens

The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, and his wife, Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missned are visiting Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.

Did you know that the Sheikha isnt allowed to show her hair or her arms or legs? reminds me of persepolis. did you ever see that? source. via. she always looks real good though.

even more sports news. how butch.

open letter to UT fans from former Vol Wes Brown:

This is Wes Brown and I want to start my first and only post on this board by saying that this is not to stir up controversy with fans who say they love the Vols. But I want to try and send a message to yall, and this is by no means a Randall Cobb message to Tennessee fans, just some encouraging words from someone who loves Tennessee like you.

I still, and forever will bleed orange like anyone who has ever been blessed by the good Lord to wear the orange shirt on Saturdays. The privilege that was given to me to play for Tennessee has been the best experience of my life. I know it has been a struggle for everyone who wears orange, but it hurts none more than the guys that sit in that locker room. We all want to see our team win big games and come out every year and compete for championships and that is what we all strive for. However, everyone is going to get knocked down. Those guys in that locker room are my brothers, and I know they are struggling. But nothing means more than to have support from our fanbase. Tennessee is special in so many ways and one of them is having 100,000 family members every Saturday in Neyland Stadium cheering the team on. I have been apart of some really struggling years at the University, but nothing meant more to me than the people around me, and that positive encouragement goes a really long way.

I grew up in Alabama, and I have seen the most fair weathered and classless so called "support" for a team that we just played on Saturday. When they win, everyone is a fan. When they struggled, fans would store their crimson in the attic. Tennessee is a different place. We don't have to sing Rammer Jammer after a victory and act like we have never witnessed a big win. Tennessee is a special place because of the passion from the fans, regardless of what has happened.

I know beyond a doubt in my heart that these men in orange are giving it all they have, because that is how we have been coached. I know what kind of people that #56 and #84 are, and how we are blessed to have such great young men leading our team. I could go on and on about every man on this team, because I love them and I love Tennessee, and you should to if you really are passionate about this program.

I hate it when people say, well there's always next year. These seniors have been through it all on The Hill. I know how they have worked for success and we all should stand up and appreciate what they have gone through and done for our University.

Let's all stand behind our team and give that encouragement to these guys, because they deserve it! We all appreciate your support and it means everything to us. We are all a team, and we are all Tennessee Volunteers.

kitten bomb

bestie x bestie episode 2

!!!!!!! [BxB] [EPISODE 2] !!!!!!! from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

from jenny and gabe and dean, the folks who brought you bestie x bestie (1) and marcel the shell with shoes on.

too many circles. cloudy with the chance of huge meatballs.

tron :: daft punk

it is a new official movie trailer that is also a new official music video.

RIP Angelika Houston

the angelika film center in downtown houston has closed after 13 years of service. RIP.

in other sports news

i just read this fun little article on the ny jets and i must say that i am very proud that i picked them as my favorite football team in 2006. go jets mets nets! jets for the super bowl!

the only reason to watch the world series

while i was accidentally watching the very end of the national league championship series between the giants and the phillies something, or someone, caught my eye. the giants closer brian wilson is a (possibly gay) freakshow and kind of cute. he has a dyed black beard, he wears orange cleats, he has an adorable little puppy, and he keeps a leather clad man as a houseguest. go giants!

in the postgame interview, the guy with the questions asks brian wilson what he things about the rangers pitcher taunt-tweeting, "see your beard real soon." when asked to comment, brian wilson said, "mmm delicious. we'll be coming." ctm. here is an article about how he is actually not that crazy, and probably the smartest guy on the team. here is another youtube interview where he mentions "the machine," which is his leather friend. here is another article where i poached most of these links. i find a little transgression refreshing in a sport as boring as baseball.

song of the autumn?

what are you doing in february?

it's decorative gourd season, mother fuckers.

you might have noticed that i have some decorative gourds on my mantle. i picked them up at the pumpkin snatch. here's an excerpt from a mcsweeney's piece to get you in the autumn mood.
Then I'm going to get to work on making a beautiful fucking gourd necklace for myself. People are going to be like, "Aren't those gourds straining your neck?" And I'm just going to thread another gourd onto my necklace without breaking their gaze and quietly reply, "It's fall, fuckfaces. You're either ready to reap this freaky-assed harvest or you're not." (via)
thx lilly-naomi-white-monday-night-swisher-sweets-fish-slezak!

have you ever been tortured by your own mind?

i forgot to tell y'all that this got stuck in my head yesterday morning. it was like, the worst morning of my life.

speaking of dead celebs...

this is one of my favorite things brittany murphy ever did.

from the epic pageant film, drop dead gorgeous, starring:

kirsten dunst
brittany murphy
kirstie alley
ellen barkin
allison janney
denise richards
amy adams
and like a million more.

RIP soccerpus.

paul's DEAD! he was only two and one-half bears old. ;*(

god damnit, i loved that octopus. i haven't been this affected by a celebrity death since bea arthur.

isnt it weird how similar these songs are?

jonsi - kolnidur

the national - afraid of everyone

"...have aol make my email stop."

these lyrics are absolutely timeless.

25 October 2010

friends of friends

do you know what its like to read about a friend of yours in a new york times profile?

i dont, but carly does.

thomas wilhelm's christmas list



Taylor Swift and Emma Stone are tight. Emma Stone hosted SNL. Taylor Swift was backstage. Guess who was with her? Multiple sources tell me exclusively that Jake Gyllenhaal was her date that night. Yes, HER DATE. She was totally into him, there were close the whole time, and awkwardly cute-flirting, some undercover handholding, and I’ve been told several times, “it was more than just friends”.

As you can imagine, she was beyond delirious. I’m told she looked like she was dreaming while she was there. And they left together. And they’ve been seen all around New York together – brunch, shopping, what people do when they start dating.

Yes. Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal are dating. Early days, but they’re dating.

tompkins square halloween dog parade :

[via , gawker]

we're #1! we're #1!

after defeating LSPoo, the auburn tigers are now ranked number one in the nation!!!

this picture from espn was captioned "auburn tops LSU." yeah we did!

saw this on the train friday morning :

that's a good lookin' mantle.

found this pixie of my house from last week's third annual fire night on space shuttle. look. ing. good. 


here she is. if this is a preview of his upcoming album, i think we will have a welcome departure from the 808's & heartbreaks-kanye, and be left with really nice blend of his experimental side with the palatable lyricism of previous albums that we've come to love.

at any rate, this weird ass music-movie he made has got me excited. it's good even as a listen, if you're at work.

24 October 2010

What's DJVOL doing sunday morning?

Taking 22 teenagers to

photo documentation to follow.


It was fantastic.

Biscuits, gravy, eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, hot cakes, coffee, juice, and conversation.
This is the outside

This is the inside:

when we were getting ready to leave, close to 50 corvettes showed up. here are 3 of my favs.

This one was ice blue. you can't tell but it was gorg.

Now i"m going to get some furniture for my traaaaaaiiiiiler

22 October 2010

im lulu and this is how i like it, mmmk?


love me vs lovefool

yesterday i went to the paint store with my 4th grade cousin lainey. needless to say we were rocking out to justin bieber when this song came on.

i was immediately struck by its similarity to this song, but lainey wasnt born yet when romeo + juliet came out, so she had no idea what i was talking about. i turned to the internet to search our the truth, and obviously wasnt the first person to make the connection, but it provides a good chance for you to enjoy both, so go on and enjoy!

i think its cute.

someone made a bad decision

a passenger snuck a crocodile onto a regional turbojet in the congo and didnt live to regret his decision. the croc bit his way out of the sportsbag he was stuffed into, then ran amok in the cabin of the plane freaking out everyone. the panic on the small plane shifted the weight balance causing the jet to spin and crash into an abandoned house. there was one survivor. the crocodile survived too, but was killed with a machete during the rescue attempt. bad choices. via.

Jonsi does not want to get too close to you

"We, the management, are going to take the blame here, since it was us who thought this was a great opportunity to counterpoint the weight and scale of production at his theatrical shows with something super low-key and intimate. We talked him into it. And we stand by the fact that it is a great idea … on paper. Jonsi himself, however, was always sceptical about how in would pan out in reality. And standing there nose-to-nose with fans in the cold light of day the other day in Origami Records, Los Angeles, he had the sudden and undeniable realisation that this is not the environment in which he flourishes. Arguably it was the most uncomfortable experience of his ten years in the public eye." via

i wonder if its because he is crosseyed.

Go ! Bwaaah !

short and sweet. via. feel free to replay as often as needed

guess where kylie is

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