28 March 2014

fridayz with flim

just barely getting by here people...1.5 hrs to go. xoxoxoxo flimmmmmmmmmmm

i promise to protect you if you promise to protect me

the babadook looks scary

the director, re: her reviews
"Actually, I don't normally read them, but my producer said, "Please read these." It was a really great review. It talked about how the film felt like an echo of these kind of seventies horror heroines, for want of a better word. But not with the sardonic male P.O.V. And I think that's a really big complement. I really wanted the audience to have two gentle hands placed around their neck until they felt like, "I can't breathe. Make this stop." And then it explodes. So I did. I wanted it to be uncomfortable. I wanted them to feel what it feels like to deny your own experience."

interstellar - rust cohle goes to space

lets go vols!

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