17 August 2011

away we go


nErD aLeRt!

17 days!

justin hunter! (for rachel)

does this remind you of anything?

thx for the tip T-PAZ

What's for lunch?

one scaldingly hot chicken roll.
marinara sauce.
no drink. #watchingmyfigure


gchatz w/ john

John: this is FRESH air.
me: terry gross's voice is something else
John: yep
me: are you interested to see what she looks like?
i just looked the other day
John: sure
me: its exactly what you'd expect
maybe you should guess
John: for some reason i assume blonde or light colored hair, perhaps gray from age
not sure why
boney face
me: well, you must be a carpenter
John: because i nailed it!?
me: because you nailed it.

he's got a point.

jon stewart giving it to the media, as usual.


grizzly bear's chris taylor has been working on a solo album under the name CANT. it's coming out on september 13, and i'm very excited by what i've been hearing:

CANT - believe

CANT - answer

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