08 February 2012

catching the ball at the same time

“Bradying” looks to take over where “Tebowing” left off. “Tebowing,” of course, was taking a picture of yourself in Tim Tebow’s iconic kneeling pose after scoring a touchdown. There’s even a website dedicated to “Bradying.” You can check it out here.

lucky, indeed.

erin baker's dad just sent me a picture of the valentine erin gave them.

classic erin.

this humpday has been awesome

because i have been listening to pitchfork's top 500 tracks of the 2000s playlist on spotify.

it's been a whole day of "holy s, i forgot about this song!!"

books are alive

nErD aLeRt!

beautiful library ribbons by norwegian firm, helen & hard.

oh god. i can't even pick a favorite part.

tell me yours.

that doc looks gooooood

dark... but good.

mario manningham, friend of 2pz

giants super bowl hero mario manningham was mugging for the camera last night with friend of 2pz rosanna. they both made it into the newspaper this morning. looking good Ro.
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