27 May 2011

rob's new ID photo

my ideas:



happy bearthdie joel!!

joel's bearthdie isn't until tomorrow (28 on the 28th!) but i will be traveling then and might not get around to making his bearthdie post. this bear's name is paolo, so i thought he'd be purrfect. he came from a website called kitty bliss, which is the best gift i could give any of you.

i'll be back from vacay next week. today i'm going to the firefly factory. BE JELLY!!

UPDATE: my birthday is and always has been May 27, 1983. Don't believe the lies!

student id

i get to send in my own photo for my new student id. help me choose which pic to use by voting in the comments.

kylie and joel wont let me post real polls.


looks like thomas wilhelm was being creepy on the train again. have you no shame thomas wilhelm?


you very rarely see this kind of thing

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