18 December 2013


Meet Bran, a worm and tick infested runaway, who turned into maybe the cutest retriever I've ever seen. Note: if you read the whole adorable story, you also get to see a really gross photo of basically a bucket of bloated ticks (barf). But then you get to see a zillion photos of him all better! Yay!

have we ever talked about Merlin the store bunny?

faith just showed me

at long last, the truth bassett.

thank you paula pell for everything you've given to the world. especially this.

this lady in Canada came home and found a bobcat stuck in her blinds

if you find a bobcat stuck in your blinds, don't try to pet it. via

olympic torch is cursed

in the first of what i'm sure to be are a long list of #lolrussians during the sochi olympics (can't. wait.) read up here on the various mishaps surrounding the tour du torch. highlights include an underwater torch pass and a trip to space! also, some people caught on fire, and a guy died.

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