02 February 2012

In honor of keekers and I joining a kettleball team

soon we'll be able to beat both of them!



thx deej.

baby sloth bomb!

over here on this other blog.

thx rachel!

more puppy joel puppy pixies!

oh auguuussssttttaaaaa....

thx jess!!

speaking of chicken cuddling

there are other things that have been known to happen on the new york city subway system. like a guy selling chihuahua puppies out of his backpack. $300 for girls and $250 for boys in case you were wondering. via

gchatz w/ starla

starla: can i come over?
In honor of Valentine's Day, the following films will be available on demand until February 27 (damned leap year):
Remember the Titans
Murder by Numbers
The Notebook
Lars and the Real Girl
Crazy, Stupid, Love
The Ides of March
thanks, time warner cable! (that's the first time i've said that not sarcastically.)

music video thursday

this is a campaign statement i can get behind

Earlier today, nearly 30 years after Mitt Romney took a twelve-hour drive with Seamus, the family's diarrheal dog, strapped to the roof of the car inside an air-tight kennel — and nearly 5 years after the story was first reported by the Boston Globe — Obama adviser David Axelrod tweeted out a photo of President Obama riding in a car with Bo, along with this message: "How loving owners transport their dogs." Burn.


i just received a text from a 615 number that said "Faith going to make it".


did you guys know that brooklyn is a cool place?

The nyt says that "Brooklyn's star is rising." Apparently they are beginning to set tv shows there.



that. just. happened.

(redacted) is producing a series called AMERICA CAUGHT ON CAMERA: NEW YORK CITY, which will air on The Travel Channel. The series will focus on New York and will be comprised of clips that focus all the different aspects of life in this city; “weekend warriors”, street performers, unique weddings ceremonies, partygoers who don’t know when to stop, to amateur dare devils willing to risk it all, to vacationers in situations that were definitely not on the itinerary, we are left in disbelief by moments that range from comedic to dramatic.
We would like to license the video of the Man cuddles and spoons a chicken on a busy subway train in NYC. We are offering a fee of _Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00).
Please send me your full address and phone number, and I will draft the applicable license agreement, and email it to you for signature.
Best regards,
i'm RICH!!!!

dude you got punked by that chick

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