09 May 2013

cicada nightmare

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new york drawringz

You’ve heard of scrupulous cartographers mapping our world’s cities, but did you ever think that someone could draw an entire metropolis—I mean take the time to literally draw out every building that makes up an urban landscape? While this sounds highly improbable, Brooklyn via Sydney-based illustrator James Gulliver Hancock has attempted to do just that.
In his new book All The Buildings In New York, Hancock assembles his charming and extensive drawings of some of the Big Apple’s most iconic buildings, as well as some more unfamiliar ones, into 64 pages of colorful illustrations. Described as a “love letter” to NYC, Hancock’s drawings capture its diverse architectural styles, from the brownstones of Brooklyn to the Art Deco Chrysler building. (via)

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australian prahm myeenastah attacked by a sandwich!

The whole thing started Wednesday when Gillard paid a visit to a Brisbane high school for a routine photo op. But the day became anything but routine as she made her way through the excited crowd of pupils, and her security detail let down its guard just enough to allow the half-eaten lunch to be hurled in her direction. (via)
wahn kyeeud thawt thay moht jost bee a lyeetlull byit nwauwteeee.

Frank Ocean = Adorable

nymag compiled a slideshow of Frank Ocean smiling.
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