03 February 2011


sara bararararaeillis kills it on this one

OMF, let the red panda in!


Memphis in May celebrates Belgium

here is poster, by local artist Tim Crowder

too soon, kenneth cole.


boycotting chick fil a

Today I ate chick fil a. FOR THE LAST TIME. You may think that I ate chick fil a for the last time because I'm moving to NYC on Sunday and they don't have any delicious spicy chicken sandwiches for miles. Well, you're wrong! I'm boycotting chick fil a because they are gaycist. My next chick fil a meal will not happen until they stop donating to anti-equality causes and start opening their asses up on Sunday!

tweetin' with chipotle.

joel's chipotle post reminded me that i promised adam i'd try to get murfreesboro a chipotle for him since he's moving back home. so i did this.
then joel did this.
then this happened! thanks chipotle!

definitely for kylie

corgi playtime.

egypt makes me nervous and excited

from @davidbeatdavid

look at egypt!

last night the protesting went completely off-the-fucking-rails. i watched some live coverage on rachel maddow, and folks were running around beating each other up, throwing molotov cocktails, and just generally burning shit to the fucking ground. there were tanks driving this way and that, shooting out smoke screens for people to escape under. the military was firing "warning shots" every 15 seconds. shit got real real, real fast.

in related news, thomas wilhelm and i thought it might be fun to organize a similar-style protest of the law that was passed in nyc yesterday banning smoking in parks. i'm thinking union square. wanna come? will you pick up some alcohol and bottles and rags? k thx.

chicago knows what they're doing.

did you hear about chicago's snowpocalypse the other day? they got like a bunch of windy snow, and it all happened so fast that hundreds of cars became almost immediately stranded on lake shore drive. drivers were trapped in their vehicles all night, as police wouldn't let anyone walk away. i guess they thought it was too cold. at first it seemed like a huge emergency management blunder, and it probably was. but the city is going the extra mile to make things right for everyone involved in this 'inconvenience'.
With 20 inches of snow and winds that hit 60 mph, the blizzard closed Lake Shore Drive for 34 hours. Overnight, the city plowed the snow, moved the stranded vehicles to six holding lots, then reopened Lake Shore about 5:50 a.m. this morning.
Unlike New York City, which became infamous for destroying its own vehicles during its blizzard, city officials set up this website to let owners know where they could find their towed cars and trucks. The city will even provide enough free fuel to get off the lot if the vehicles ran low while trapped. (via)
how nice.


now currently under construction in the new target anchored development at the intersection of poplar avenue and I-240.

looking great chipotle memphis!!

i'm going to eat you up.

should you buy verizon's iphone?

by most accounts, yes! this review is the most helpful one i've read, breaking down the differences between the iphones on at+t and verizon without getting all nerdy and boring.
I took the Verizon iPhone to five cities, including the two Bermuda Triangles of AT&T reception: San Francisco and New York. Holding AT&T and Verizon iPhones side by side in the passenger seat of a car, I dialed 777-FILM simultaneously, and then rode around until a call dropped. (Why that number? Because I wanted to call a landline, eliminating the other person’s cell reception from the equation. Also, Mr. Moviefone can carry the entire conversation by himself, so I could concentrate on the testing.)
In San Francisco, the AT&T phone dropped the call four times in 30 minutes of driving; the Verizon phone never did. The Verizon iPhone also held its line in several Manhattan intersections where the AT&T call died. At a Kennedy airport gate, the AT&T phone couldn’t even find a signal; the Verizon dialed with a smug yawn. (via)
i'm gonna wait for the iphone5, in case you were wondering.

nErD aLeRt! (f)art(z) edition!

you're going to want to take a peek at this.
Google Art Project, the brainchild of a small group of art-happy Google employees, brings the Street View technology of Google Earth and Google Maps inside 17 museums around the world. The roster includes The Uffizi, the Tate Britain, The Met, MoMA, and the Van Gogh Museum. (via)
thx lilly!

not by the hair of your chinny chin chin


mom: "what mean person put eyebrows on that ugly dog"

"not you kismet, youre adorable."
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