02 June 2011

is it still isabella's birthday?

the orange ones are the hardest to pop. thx markie!!

the internet just keeps on giving.

looks like she stepped straight out of the capitol, amiright?

i've taken to watching roller coaster videos at work.

this one just made me mess my britches. kingda ka in smell jersey.

in case you hadn't heard - jean ralphio

kylie brought to my attention the glaring oversight that i never posted jean ralphio's picture to the blog.

here we are, jean ralphio and me, at the brooklyn bike jumble where I rescued him from the kennel. in love.

happening in greenpoint

keep your peepers peeped for an eric berry look-alike at 0:33.

why don't you try learning something for twice

gwyneth's GOOP is actually really informative today about a topic that is near and dear to my heart : CHEESE.

she has two experts weigh in on how to prepare and serve the perfect cheese tray.

makes me real hungry.

why don't you try learning something for once?

have you been following the DISUNION blerg like i told you to? i didn't think so. well, you may have noticed in our sidebar ------------------> that today's entry focuses on tennessee's secession (we were the last one, that counts for something right?) check this shit out:
Still, Tennessee remained divided throughout the war. About a quarter of all the men who went off to fight did so for the North. Unionism remained especially strong in the mountains, but also in pockets throughout the state. Bedford County, south of Nashville in Middle Tennessee, supplied an equal number of troops to the North and the South. Its county seat, Shelbyville, became such a pro-Northern hotbed that it became known as “Little Boston.” One of the ironies of the war was that Nathan Bedford Forrest, the much revered Confederate general, took his middle name from his Unionist birthplace. More significantly, following Tennessee’s departure from the Union, Andrew Johnson retained his seat in the United States Senate, becoming the only representative from a seceded state to remain in Congress.
Ironies in Tennessee continued. Because it was largely occupied by Union troops in early 1863, it was unaffected by the Emancipation Proclamation. As the war was drawing to a close, Tennessee voters approved a constitutional amendment that abolished slavery in the state, and in 1866, with Andrew Johnson then occupying the White House, the state approved the 14th Amendment over Johnson’s objections. With ratification a congressional requirement, Tennessee thus became the first former Confederate state to be readmitted to the Union.
as bun-bun was quick to point out, the entry also (falsely) portrays east tennesseans as level-headed, just, and humane in their unwillingness to secede over the right to slave-ownin', but we all know they were just jellybeanz that their dumb mountains prevented them from having lush plantations like the other, fairer regions of the state.

speaking of rihanna

here is beyonce's next single. much more conventional than her experimental first single that wasn't very good, but unfortunately, this one isn't very good either. i'll still hold my hopes as high as my arms will allow for her new album, which is out in 26 days.

daily ri ri

here's the video for lilly's favorite rihanna song!

this could be you.


2Pz friend erin macbreath is once again bringing us her famous annual fundraising event, this year for the leukemia and lymphoma society.
Time : Thursday, July 14 · 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Location : Onboard The Jewel, leaving from the 23rd Street Pier (at FDR)
if you're interested in a breezy boatride around new york's harbor with all the booze you can pour down your gullet, then hop on over here and/or here to RSVP and get ticket info. if you get them before june 15th, you'll recieve an early bird discount! proceeds go to kancer stuff, but more importantly, all of 2Pz will be there!

hope to see y'all out there!!
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