03 July 2014

happy birthday to ALL of america

just how much america is there?

if you're not following @marniethedog on instagram, you're doing it all wrong.

@thomaswilhelm got the heads up from @lheirbeir last night.

president obama pats the USMNT on the back

bless their hearts.

the knowles-carters visited the kara walker

bey and blue wore matching dresses. just think about what it all means.

Tim Howard, the best goalie in the world, is memphis as fuck

kylie is the one who told me

i know what you're wondering.

jicydak, i sometimes dabble in SYTYCD, when the mood suits me. i've been watching this season, and this was my favorite number from last night, and why i will be listening to the commodores exclusively today.

the weather report

jason derulo is a fishy kween

right, mike?
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