17 November 2010

come for the cats, stay for the captions


dramatic animal is dramatic

ryan reynolds is the world's sexiest man

...according to people magazine. here is is new movie trailer. what a coincidence.

robyn's indestructable liquid dress

The Making of Robyn's 'Indestructible' Music Video with EXTRA FOOTAGE from Lucy McRae on Vimeo.


are you for cereal?

what an excellent idea. i hope that n sync and 98 degrees team up next. justin timberlake can't be too busy. i want it thattaway.

did you see gwyneth on glee last night?

she was so good. charming and goofy and energetic and actually a great singer and dancer. this didnt come off like a piece of stunt casting, it was just a great character on a great episode. good work glee. i hope she gets to come back.

the secret kitten

wait for it

Ke$ha's very flattering yearbook photo

via no one ever really accused her of being too pretty i guess.

lilly's favorite video ever.

D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel) 2000 from KL on Vimeo.

jay-z on fresh air

south korea...you are a genius


what did you do this weekend?

well! i'm back! jicydak, i went to tennessee this weekend, including a trip to neyland stadium for a footvolgame! here are some highlights.

we'll start with knoxville:
it was a perfect day, and we got in some really great tailgating on ol' fiji island. everyone looked great. i must've gotten some beer on my b-berry, because most of these pixies are blurry2death.
 grace came with me, and joel was there!
 the pride of the southland welcomed us with a beautiful power T. 
i don't know if you heard, but we kind of embearassed ole piss.
 there was a lot of this going on.
 that night we drank our hearts out, and joel and i ended up at a random karaoke bar, without a car. so we killed time as needed.
until djv came! he rescued us and took us to cool beans, but there was a line out to the damn street, so we had to relocate our college-bar-nostalgia venue to OCI. it looked and felt like this.
we stopped at the pilot on the way home for 18 natty lights.

middle tennessee highlights included:

 grace's homemade dinner. jazzy helped! they're friends4life, jicyww.
 risotto, veggies, salad, etc! it was so delicious, y'all.
a day of shopping in nashville, featuring this great boutique, imogene + willie. ktv recommended!
and oc, hangin' with jAzZy!

not pictured:

our drinking time with sarah and sean sharp. what a delight!
delicious 9-person brunch at tomatohead on sunday.
our monday night nashville dinner with ktv + beeun. sorry guys! i was too busy making sure tom was wasting our time, and forgot to snap some pixies.
probs lots of other stuff.

d. n. d.

twilight 2.

catherine hardwicke, director of the first twilight movie, is directing the new little red riding hood movie. the trailer has just been released, and as gawker points out, it looks exactly the gd same as twilight.

i'll still watch it because it stars 2Pz fave amanda seyfried and i really liked twilight.

brb finding out if that's 2Pz fave karin dreijer andersson on that trailer.

UPDATE: yes! it is!
As it turns out, Catherine Hardwicke talked to Hero Complex about the film, and revealed that not only is the song Andersson’s, but she’ll appear in the film. Hardwicke says that there’s a scene in the film reminiscent of Burning Man Festival where the townspeople “build this giant wolf effigy, a huge bonfire, everyone’s dancing like crazy and partying and going wild, so I used the Bosch painting The Garden of Earthly Delights as my inspiration for that. We built all the instruments in the Bosch painting, a hurdy gurdy, standing horn pipes, the same blue drums.”
It’s in this scene that Andersson will appear, in the guise of her side-project Fever Ray, whose self-titled album was one of the best records of last year. Hardwicke relates that “We commissioned this band from Sweden called Fever Ray. She’s always performing in radical costumes, she’s like the Lady Gaga of Sweden. In our movie she’s wearing a harvest mask with a corn husk face and she’s singing and everybody’s dancing and singing.” (via)

this is for joel.

because he loves when people fall down.
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