29 January 2013


The Transportation Department has finally realized that drivers don't even see those "Don't Honk" signs littering the streets, let alone obey them, and hopes to have all of them taken down by the end of the year, the New York Times reports. (via)

i counted 7 honks while posting this.

thx phil!


which team has the most footvols?

this is how i choose who to root for when the titans aren't in the souper joel. the verdict:

the san fransisco 49ers : zero footvols
the baltimore ravens : one footvol

not great in either case, but there is a clear winner. that's two points in the ravens' column so far!

the more you know:
this year, tennessee tied the record for having the most former players in the pro bowl at six. (the other teams that tied don't warrant mentioning. you've probably never even heard of them.)

they are some of our favorites: eric berry, dustin colquitt, arian foster, peyton manning, jerod mayo, and jason witten.

with the exception of pey pey, all of these guys played at UT when i was a student. those were our salad days...

daily ri ri

rihanna is "designing" a fashion line for river island with her costume designer adam selman

gd it, marnie.

i want to like you, but the more i learn, the more difficult it is.

don't date john mayer.

don't do it.

the ravens play cornhole

i guess i know who i'm rooting for on SoUpEr JoEL SunDAE

America's Dowager Countess, Cissy Houston

via context

it's new music tuesday!

here are some new albums that came out today:

tegan and sara - heartthrob

local natives - hummingbird

ducktails - the flower lane

and now the nations of the world, brought to you by yakko warner

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