22 January 2014

be careful out there on the ice - even penguins fall down

if you keep your eyes crossed until jenny lewis' next album comes out, your eyes probably won't get stuck that way because it will be soon.

as in, definitely probably sometime in the future of this year. via. in the meantime, maybe you could listen to the soundtrack of this indie anne hathaway movie. apparently they are friends

set your tivos

never forget tonight is the premiere of broad city!


do you need a reason to cheer for #VFL peyton manning in the super bowl?

this article contains about a million:
I never completely comprehended the limitations his cervical spine injury and the legacy of four surgeries imposed on him. Prior to surgery, the neurologic damage to his throwing arm led him to be unable to throw an eight yard pass. After the surgery, his pain was better, but his nerve damage persisted. His coaches and trainers were scared for him. According to Jenkins, his former offensive coordinator at Tennessee said,
“He was so out of whack, I had to ask him to quit throwing. He was on his way to hurting himself…He had to rebuild his mechanics from the ground up. He had to relearn everything.”
Manning and everyone around him couldn’t help but think that perhaps he would never recover. And to add insult to injury, in the midst of this physical and emotional crisis, the Indianapolis Colts cut him. The Super Bowl winner and living legend was released from the team he never wanted to leave. Peyton would graciously thank his owners, his team and his fans, he would move to Denver, and he would come back. Incredibly. (via)
and FYI, we here at 2Pz generally pick our super bowl favorite using the scientific which-team-has-the-most-vols formula. here are the results:
2014 Robert Ayers DL Denver Super Bowl XLVIII
2014 Britton Colquitt P Denver Super Bowl XLVIII
2014 Malik Jackson DL Denver Super Bowl XLVIII
2014 Peyton Manning QB Denver Super Bowl XLVIII
2014 Tony McDaniel DL Seattle Super Bowl XLVIII
broncos win 4-1. pretty definitive!

a history of northern new jersey sour grapes about new york teams playing at the meadowlands

in honor of the upcoming new york/ new jersey superbowl that is definitely taking place in new jersey. click HERE

if you're coming to the ANIMALS show this week, read this first

INTERVIEW magazine just released this preshow review of The Baroness is the Future. Kanye West is on the cover, nbd.

They even mention the set in a way that isn't negative!!! #winning

Tickets for the show at Dixon Place are available here, or at the door.

congrats Ms. Dangles!!
you continue to look good in print.
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