13 March 2011

justin bieber transitioning from cute to hot.

its making me uncomfortable. via.

56 Designers | 737 Books

designers share the books that inspire them. check out the website. via.

daily ri ri

FYI... rihanna does not want to be in the bodyguard remake. Singers playing singers in movies is so gauche.

did you take a nap this weekend?


Kylie Minogue | Dolce & Gabbana

PSA : sun drop is NOT a new soda.

it's been around in the south since 1947, and i actually thought they went out of business.

anyway, they just signed a deal with MTV's advertising leg (it's fully stocked in this season's real world house), and now it's the hot new drink of the summer! it's got more caffeine than bitch-ass mountain dew and mello yello, so run out and get you some! i wonder how it mixes with firefly....

joel! tell your family sun drop story!


nothing! just an overturned squid-fishing boat in japan! no offense, japan, but you shouldn't be eating those, anyway. they're too awesome.

theory : was the earthquake and resultant tsunami actually caused by a murderous, vengeful colossal squid?

what a tsunami looks like.

japanese people make weird noises when they're scared. (via)
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