06 December 2013

what are the odds...

...that he comes down exactly on that jagged piece sticking out of an otherwise fairly smooth cliff face?


dedicated to emilube "slippery" bult

hey, who's your favorite b+tb character? mine's lumiere.

christmas has come early!

thomas wilhelm just alerted me to the fact that paula cole has a new album out! he told me track #2 is his favorite.

new york city rat hunters

have you ever heard of this group of terrier owners that gather in downtown manhattan to let their pups hunt rats? read this

tell me more about maria de blasio wilhelm

kylie's post about bill de blasio and his apparent tardiness issues made me wonder about what kind of lady his mother might be. everyone knows loving moms make the best alarm clocks.

anywho, turns out the man we know as bill de blasio was born to maria de blasio wilhelm, and was named warren wilhelm jr after his father. his dad had some post traumatic war issues and divorced maria when bill was young. she raised her three boys on her own in cambridge, mass. the daughter of italian immigrants from the city of Sant'Agata de' Goti, she grew up in manhattan, went to college at smith, and later worked for time magazine as a researcher and the office of war information which broadcast news programs into fascist controlled italy. in 1988 she wrote and published a book titled The Other Italy: The Italian Resistance in World War II. how accomplished!

she sounds just like another italian american mother that i know: smart, hard working, resourceful, and supportive. mrs. de blasio wilhelm died in 2007, but we can bet she would be so proud of our new mayor. cheers maria de blasio wilhelm! via via via 

bill de blasio is a little-miss-late

Yesterday, New York Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio arrived at least thirty minutes late to his announcement that William Bratton will serve as New York City's next police commissioner, and members are the press were not having it.
For those media members who will be forced to cover Hizzoner for the next four years, De Blasio's tardiness has already become predictable. He has been late to a number of events, notably arriving one hour after a get-out-the-vote rally began at 11:30 a.m. in November. When asked if he overslept, de Blasio responded with a non-apology. "I am not a morning person," he said. (via)
sounds like he just needs to get his mom involved. #nothingwrongwithit

¡grupo....de la MUERTA!

the world cup 2014 group drawing happened today....and it is TERRIBLE news for the estados unidos.
Every World Cup has had a so-called "Group of Death," or the group that pits together several favored heavyweights to battle it out, often sending a top-ranked team home. This year's draw could put those to shame though. "World Cup 2014 promises to be a tournament so suffocatingly competitive that the traditional clichéd "Group of Death" will feel redundant," ESPN explained. Due to a draw quirk, one potential group could include the frightening powers of Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States together; "The Group of Death to end all Groups of Death," as SB Nation called it.
UPDATE: The U.S. has landed in Group G, with Ghana (a team that has beaten the U.S. in the last two World Cups), Germany (the team that U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann used to captain as a player), and Portugal (a perennial world power.) (via)
i know what you're thinking: "what else can you tell me about that armadillo mascot?!?!"

his name is fuleco, and this is his wikipedia page. i see that he's a three-banded armadillo, which any armadillo connoisseur worth her wait in ants can tell you is the only kind of armadillo that can roll into a ball!

2013 trolling champion

this bitch came in at the final hour and stole the title!

2pzGifGuide - Joel

With the recent news that Octavia Spencer has been cast in a remake of the Angela Lansbury classic Murder, She Wrote, there has been a dangerous and volatile increase in worldwide demand for the original series. It ran for 12 seasons from 1984 to 1996, but where can you find it? According to Jessica Fletcher expert carlygoogles, TV Land streams 5 episodes at a time online, and all of the DVDs are available through Netflix. That's great but the problem is some of us want to watch more than 5 episodes in a row and cancelled our Netflix DVD account. The only reasonable thing to do is to buy a loved one the complete DVD box set on amazon. Your loved one will be so happy.

2pzGifGuide - Flim

A 2pz Gif(t) Guide? What an amazing idea!

(It was my idea.)

Speaking of taking credit where credit's due, and being generally self-involved, what better topical present to gif(t) someone than this #selfie necklace from Photojojo?!

Only $25 and perfect for blogger egomaniacs, self-obsessed tweens, or people who just don't know when to quit. The Oxford English dictionary even named "selfie" the word of the year! Other versions offered are #nofilter, and an Instagram "Like" Heart.

BTW my Instagram name is @flimlim and I always feel I should get more likes than I do. HAPPY HOLIDAZE!!!

and speaking of holiday gif(t)s....

never forget that tomorrow marks the annual porter flea holiday market in nashville, organized by 2Pz bestie KTV.
Join us this Saturday, December 7th, for Porter Flea Holiday 2013! From 10a-6p, in Chestnut Hill at the Track One Building (4th and Chestnut), 1211 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37210. We’ve got over 95 of the finest local and regional designers, makers, millers, and bakers. Don’t forget to bring your appetite: we’ve got 5 great food trucks — Riff’s, Yayo’s O.M.G., Wrapper’s Delight, Deg Thai, and Crankee’s — plus Beve mobile coffee, Jeni’s Ice Cream, and the Bang Candy trailer serving marshmallows and hot chocolate! Hashtag it #pfholiday!
i never get to go and that always crushes me, so go there for me, ok? and instagram your hearts out. #pfholiday

2PzGifGuide - Kylie

i'm not sure why ms. danglez assumed we were posting gift suggestions for ourselves (selfish), but i don't have to tell you that everyone who contributes to this blog would love to find a copy of paul nicklen's "bear: spirit of the wild" under their holiday tree.

the great news is it's only $21 at walmart, but we're buying local this year, so find a bookstore that isn't near the interstate or attached to a mall and pay a little bit extra, ok?

you should also know that paul nicklen (@paulnicklen) works as a national geographic (@natgeo) photographer and both have wonderful instagram feeds.
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