16 March 2011

daily ri ri

rihanna is the vogue cover girl for april's shape issue. shape issue?

just a reminder : brackets!

the tournament starts tomorrow! so fill your 2Pz bracket out today!

(pool password : jazzykismet)

ke$ha on va¢ay

i dont understand it.
and i won't respond to it.

"it" being her body.

puppies vs. kittes polls OPEN

vote here! (feeyuxed!)


this chinese puppy (his name is hong dong, which means 'big splash') just sold for 1.6 million dollhairs, making him the most expensive puppy in the WWW (whole wide world). he's a tibetan mastiff, one of the oldest breeds around, and i've never seen anything like him.


puppies in danger.

this japanese puppy is getting himself scanned for radiation. ;(

RIP nate dogg

he just hit the eastside of the LBC ...in the sky ;(
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