24 February 2012

what is bella swan doing?

just helpin' melissa out at work! i like your wall street pixie! it reminds me of this...

are you describing yourself?

"There is a backlash," says Gehry, now aged 82, "against me and everyone who has done buildings that have movement and feeling", that is "self-righteous" and "annoying… The notion is that it is counterproductive to social responsibility and sustainability. Therefore, curving the wall or doing something so-called wilful is wrong and so there is a tendency back to bland." (via)
i'm sorry, all i heard was "waaaah. waaaahh. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh."

something to consider.

and i was all pet pet pet pet pet

Video of sea otter pup Cayucos’s grooming session! Her trainer says “she does pretty well grooming herself now, but she has still needed help sometimes with hard-to-reach areas of her coat.” (via)
and she was all STARE.

never forget.

nymag's look back at meryl streep's majesty, over the years. 

carnivale photos

thomas wilhelm showed me this collection of photos from mardis gras / carnivale celebrations around the world. check out rio. they don't f around. (also, part 1)

what it's like in syria

A French journalist has smuggled out some of the clearest footage yet of the dramatic and dangerous ongoing battle in Homs. The 11-minute report, which was broadcast on Britain's Channel 4, shows mourners rallying over dead bodies without coffins, children suffering from shrapnel wounds in makeshift hospitals, and armed fighters doing battle with government snipers in the street. Be warned that some of the images of blood and wounds are quite graphic. (via)


today's playlist:

true life : i have a hangover

takin' it nice...and easy.

girl doesn't even know who ginuwine is.

perfect television.
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