25 March 2014

The best reaction to the Kimye cover ... and the best reaction to anything ever.

Naomi: "...I do not want to comment"
Anchor: "Why?"

MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$

video by Arthur Mulhern

100 years of NYC pop

vulture's jody rosen put together a pretty delightful playlist including 100 songs about new york from 1928 til now.

holy moly.

have y'all been hearing about those guys who turned themselves in this week for basejumping off WTC1 last year? here's their helmet cam video. nothing happens til around 2:30 when everything happens. mostly just creepy!

thanks a lot for forgetting our bearthdie

well, we waited and waited for someone to wish us a happy 5 years old 2Pz day, but no one did. actually, we totally didn't notice either. but on march 9th, we turned 5. it feels like its been so much longer. you're invited to celebrate with us by revisiting the first day of 2Pz. you're welcome for everything!!

magic for dogs

and homework for melissa / isabellagetdown.

thx matt and ktv!

happy triangle shirtwaist factory fire anniversary!!!

and by happy, i mean sad.

everyone take a moment to reflect while spec-ing your panic hardware today!
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