09 March 2011

gchatz w/ john

"great minds" edition

john: have you ever done a punch list for a project?
they're very strange to me
me: no i havent
john: the real reason for it is to verify that the work was done correctly, nothing is forgotten, broken, done more cheaply than specified, etc.
but then you also get to be a perfectionist
me: yes
john: like, if you don't like how the caulking looks in a bathroom, you can put that on the list, and then the contractor has to redo it to your satisfaction
me: it seems like it would be a real power trip
john: exactly
i just put on my list "paint on door hinges"
me: love that
john: and i remember it's like one drop
but i was like, get that drop off!
idk, it's silly
i doubt anyone will actually fix all this shit
me: right
john: excuse me! excuse me! there's a drop of paint on this hinge. feeyux it! what do you think this is? a bus stop? a homeless shelter?
me: ctm

then....at the same instant:
john: this is not a state run mental hospital, it's a professional office environment!
me: a home for the feeble-minded? you think only retards are going to inhabit this space? that must be what you think. you painted the hinges, ffs.
john: get it right!
me: omg!
john: we did it!
me: yeah!
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