21 March 2012

a very special birthday wish...


50 years old today.

i love you taco bell.

happy BEARthdie g.animalz!!!!


hope you're having fun on your ethiopian vacay! serious school working research trip.

house of ladosha :: this is your brain

read this article about gay new york hip hop artists.

i want that.

new york city "soft-map" quilt by haptic lab.

backwardz wednesdayz

sorry joel...

kiss your boyfriend goodbye (probably)... the jets have reportedly landed tim tebow. 

hey girl whatcha doin

its jess! did you see the one where schmidt turns into a hippy and stops cleaning the apartment and everyone's relationships fall apart?

peeta is a midget

look at that little guy. this was yesterday
in new york at a screening. don't you just want to stuff him in your pocket and introduce him to your sister.

does anyone want to share an apple later?

new madonna video is here. lots of half naked (sometimes all naked) ukrainian boys.

larry david cant get out of the parking garage

and acts just like larry david.

thank you carlygoogles!

its not my birthday but last night i arrived home to find a surprise waiting for me from carly.

thanks for the drunk bear wine bottle holder!


i'm not going to name names...

...but it has recently come to my attention that SOME of us haven't been keepin' up with our robyn.

please join me for robyn wednesday on spotify. robyn's modern classics all lined up chronologically for your listening pleasure.

stream s / s / s EP

sufjan / son lux / serengheti


new fiona apple song

'anything we want' performed at SXSW. 11 biscuits!! although it sounds like it should be on the last album.

i'll be fine. i'll do it.


A preciously courageous 4th grader named Zia attempts the 65-meter ski jump at Utah Olympic Park for the very first time.

what nature is like

puppies herding ducks. you read that right.

this is what nature is like

bear hugs from lions cubs

i like to stretch and kick. im 50 years old.


what is DJV doing this weekend?

the jive
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