11 December 2013

beyonce impressions. i'm into it.


my hs history teach is is going to be on tv!!!!

my history teacher from high school will be on drunkardy jeopardy tomorrow! tune in and cheer her on!

new rule: a drink for every time she says "rock on"

hey new yorker...

FUCK you!

that's right, i said it. the magazine reported today that snoozing is losing.
It may seem like you’re giving yourself a few extra minutes to collect your thoughts. But what you’re actually doing is making the wake-up process more difficult and drawn out. If you manage to drift off again, you are likely plunging your brain back into the beginning of the sleep cycle, which is the worst point to be woken up—and the harder we feel it is for us to wake up, the worse we think we’ve slept. (via)
i do plan on milking the excuses of "sleep inertia" and "social jetlag" for all they're worth, though.
ugh, mornings.

2pzGifGuide - Bonus Round for Classy 2Pz Gif Givers

(perhaps only Thomas Wilhelm is in this demographic)

Marking the only time buying books online saves a real live bookstore, the St. Mark's Bookshop is hosting an online auction to raise funds for their future move out of a pricey space owned by Cooper Union. Up on the auction block are signed books from classy New York authors like Junot Diaz, Paul Auster, Patti Smith, and David Byrne. Perfect for your favorite Rockefeller or Astor descendant. Just don't bid on that signed copy of Maus by Art Spiegelman, because I've got my eye on it.

eric berry is still the cutest

my all-time favorite footvol got mic'd up for his game against the new york giants, and it is just amazing. you just have to watch the video in this article. he is so delightful.
“He kind of lives by ‘If you want some, come get some,'" coach Reid said. "I mean, that’s what he lives by; that’s how he handles practice. He’s out there every day. He doesn’t miss practice; he doesn’t miss workouts. He’s going to challenge every play. That’s his mode. He doesn’t care if it’s practice; he doesn’t care if it’s a game. That’s what he does and guys like that. I think, in a simple package, that’s what he’s all about.” (via)
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