05 June 2013


this one's called eternal vacation.

prancercise, straight from the horse's mouth.

read this interview with prancercise creator, joanna rohrback.
Joanna, I’m a big fan of your work. I tried to do Prancercise this morning as interview prep and it was a lot of fun and I also felt very self-conscious for the first few minutes. Any tips for people who have a hard time letting go?
They might want to try to do it in their houses first if they have enough space to travel between rooms. Or maybe they could do it with other people so they won’t be as self-conscious. I don’t know! I never was like that.
I actually started Prancercise on the Hollywood boardwalk where all these addict athletes were just strutting their stuff, running and Rollerblading. This was back in ’89, and the heads did turn, but I didn’t care. And if I really wanted privacy, or if it was raining or something, I could still do it pretty much anywhere, even in a parking garage!
illuminating! thx flim!!!
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