07 March 2011

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which ride was your favorite? i have a hard time deciding between the wabash cannonball and the grizzly river rampage.

UPDATE! joel just told me that as a young man he was too scared to ride chaos!

UPDATE!! kylie just told me that as a young lady she was too scared to ride barnstormer!!!

this does not bode well.

All of the vanity plates I saw driving from VA to NY


and my personal favorite

DJV 7273

lucky us!

Gwyneth Paltrow, who's been shopping for a music deal, is in advanced talks with Atlantic Records, Page Six has learned. The Oscar-winning actress is poised to sign a contract with the Warner Music-owned label to produce a country album following her starring role in "Country Strong." (via)
cuz i'm country stroooooooong....mountain high...


congrats to the lady vols for winning the SEC tournament, beating the lady mildcats by 25 points! they are currently ranked #4 in the nation heading into the NCAA tournament, and have a really good chance at winning their 9th national championshiph this year! go lady vols!!

however, the gentlevols embearassed themselves once again, this time in knoxville. after leading the boy mildcats by 9 points at halftime, who were 1-6 in conference games on the road, they managed to lose, landing them 5th out of six places in the SEC east. the SEC tournament (aka our only hope of redemption) starts thursday. this is the first round schedule:

Auburn at Georgia 1:00 PM
South Carolina at Ole Miss 3:30 PM
Tennessee at Arkansas 7:30 PM
at Vanderbilt 10:00 PM

if we can manage to get past arkansas, which is a big if, we play top-ranked florida, whom we will need a miracle to beat. go vols. ;(

justin beiber spiraling out of control

He lost 80,000 Twitter fans when he cut his trademark bangs and now Justin Bieber, 17, is set to shake up his hair situation again.

"im not shaving for a month so you all can see my mustache," he wrote on his Twitter page Saturday. "i'm pumped."

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