13 June 2012


yes please.

nErD aLeRt!

presenting (also old news)....the london olympic tower, aka ugglez mcgee! how foolish!

click here to see a slideshow of all the new facilities, and click here to see drawings that mock them all. (i actually think the aquatic center and the velodrome are quite stunning.)

between this and the recently released details about the opening ceremony plans, this is shaping up to be the shittiest olympics since atlanta. speaking of....

never forget!

for jenny

this news is kind of old, but i wanted you all to know that coach pat summitt nailed her first hole-in-one last friday. lord knows she deserves it.
On Friday, Summitt was golfing with a group of women's basketball greats, all of whom were gathered in town for Saturday night's induction ceremony at the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. Summitt's foursome included former player Lisa Reagan, Billie Moore, who coached Summitt at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, and ESPN analyst Debbie Antonelli, who is serving as master of ceremonies for Saturday night's induction. Using a 7-iron, Summitt hit the ball 112 yards over water on Sevierville's par-3 17th hole.
"It was a little bit blind, but we knew it was a good shot," Antonelli said. "Of course, we didn't know it was that good. When we got up to the flag, we were looking behind the hole because we thought it had rolled past the cup. Then I walked up to the cup, looked down, and said, 'You're never going to believe this.' " (via)
love ya, pat.
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