05 March 2014

dig it

sexy viking stuff at the british museum

speaking of things to DVR

A train wreck into a plane crash - First Look at "Lindsay" - OWN

pitchfork is streaming the new Le1f EP Hey

click click click

are you ready for SNL lena?


hey Ms. Dangles, you're going to want to watch this giant puppy loll about in the snow


"dont blaspheme beyonce"

katy perry gets something right.

keekerz speakerz

a beautiful new track from sharon van eatin'. new album out in may!


chipotle is considering taking guacamole off the menu due to a dwindling avocado supply. NOOOooooooo


Global warming, etc. is causing problems like the polar ice caps melting, polar bears being sad, bees dying, and now THIS:

Kylie, you should probably chain yourself to the doors of the Chipotle HQ. 

butt sex 470BC


hey queens! center stage is now on netflix

along with these other things
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