26 September 2012

what wednesday feels like

thx flim (for everything)

Xzibit as Sweet Dee


always sunny is coming back one day. here is a trailer imaging the show with a (better) cast

gchatting with melissa

 Melissa:  wait wait wait wait wait
i just realized im older than mike!
 me:  yes, that is true
but your boyfriend is older than me, so...
 Melissa:  true
so i guess its all the same
at least he's not like 22
that would be weird
 me:  he is basically a grown up
 Melissa:  excuse me. He IS a grown up
(im a grown up, right?)
 me:  yeah of course.
you have a job and a place to live and a car and a dog
you're doing better than most
 Melissa:  yip!

happy BEARthday mike!

Ms. Dangles is 27 bears young today. LOVE YOU MS.DANGLES!!!!

thx for the bear photos maggie

i (would) want that.

if it didn't fit like a potato sack.

thx g!

did you watch the new episodes of new girl last night?

rosanna and i made spaghetti and drank a bottle of wine and watched fox all night long. the first episode of new girl was really funny. the new show ben and kate was pretty dreadful. the second episode of new girl was even better. jess is unemployed and we all know what that is like! then the mindy show came on and it wasn't bad, but it could be much better.

do you like to watch tv? let me know in the comments!!!!!

beyonce pregnancy rumors

melissa told me that she had heard through the grapevine (internet) that beyonce might be pregnant with purple ivy. apparently she was seen in a tight leopard dress that may or may not have had a baby bump inside (looks to me like she had a hamburger for lunch). melissa and i agree that we would both rather beyonce get back to the business of making music and movies for us to enjoy. i mean blue ivy is kept locked up in her castle and we never even get to see her.



daily ri ri

check out rihanna's new single "Diamonds." shine bright likea diamond!
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