13 September 2012

santana endorses the Vols

Doing an interview with Fox sports to talk about that lil' cutie  Go Vols! So excited for the game this weekend!

myra breckinridge

raquel welch is an american hero. this is from the movie based on the book by gore vidal. except gore vidal said it he had never seen it and wouldnt watch it because it was the worst movie ever made. oh well. i LOVED it.

daily ri ri

great news everyone!

rihanna is scheduled to release an NEW album in 2 months

AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! cant.wait.

is it saturday yet?

There’s a reason Tennessee used to be known as Wide Receiver U.
The Vols cranked out explosive deep threats in the passing game the way the Hawaiian Islands did world-class surfers.
That pipeline to the NFL has slowed somewhat over the years, but it looks like it’s about to pick back up with the game-changing tandem of Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle Patterson making an early claim to being the two best receivers in the SEC.
“It’s like being a kid in a candy shop with two guys like that to throw to,” Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray said. “You drop back and know that nine times out of 10 the defense isn’t going to be able to cover them both.”
The Vols’ passing game was supposed to be a three-headed monster this season, but Da’Rick Rogers was dismissed from the team in August after failing multiple drug tests.
Rogers led the SEC with 67 catches last season and was second with 1,040 receiving yards.
But in Patterson, a 6-foot-3, 205-pound junior college transfer who’s been clocked at 10.3 in the 100 meters, the Vols have essentially replaced Rogers with somebody who’s just as big, just as sure-handed and even faster. (via)

its official

things the city of new york approves:

bj's for babies and a ban on large sodas.

let's talk about old jewish men sucking blood off of babies' penises.

during my morning commute new york times reading, i nearly spat my iced coffee all over my iphone screen when i came across this story:
The grandmother carried the sleeping infant boy on a white pillow toward the synagogue’s altar, and passed him to her son. Her son carried the infant toward the mohel, or Jewish ritual circumciser, who stood amid a cluster of chanting men.
The mohel lifted the infant’s clothing to expose his tiny penis. With a rapid flick of a sharp two-sided scalpel, the mohel sliced off the foreskin and held it between his fingers. Then he took a sip of red wine from a cup and bent his head. He placed his lips below the cut, around the base of the baby’s penis, for a split second, creating suction, then let the wine spill from his mouth out over the wound. (via)
this prompted me to immediately stop reading and text thomas wilhelm (obviously), who replied with:
"oh yeah. you didn't know about rabbi baby dick sucking? grossest thing."
the most insane part is that the act itself wasn't even the newsmaking portion of the article. it turns out there is somewhat of an epidemic of mohels (baby d s-ers) transitting herpes to unsuspecting jewish infants. the city is attempting to pass legislation that will ban old men from putting their mouths on infant genitalia require parents sign a consent form showing that they understand the health risks of this religious practice.

a few hours later, i still cant stop thinking about this. so i wanted to see what joel thought about it:
me: i need to ask you a very serious question
Joel: go on
me: did you know that THIS happens? (link)
Joel: i didnt know about the jewish infant vampire blowjob
me: isnt that alarming
Joel: yeah
why take the risk
and ok, its an important tradition. whats the big deal with getting the parents to sign a consent form.
why isnt there ALREADY a consent form?
me: my question is
do they insist on tradition when circumsizing a grown man
how is it not a criminal activity in today's modern society
if a regular gentile man did that to a gentile baby
they would lock him up and throw away the key
Joel: its stupid and gross and sick and dangerous
and shouldnt be protected because it is "religious"
what if my religion said that i should kill any babies born with a vagina sorry, its my religion
i think we should use our platform on 2pz to facilitate an internet discussion
me: good idea
so?!? what are YOUR thoughts?

just in time for halloween

the nytimes has a feature on louis kahn's FDR memorial which comes to roosevelt island from BEYOND THE GRAVE. it opens october 24th.
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