21 September 2010

vol navy beanz

we left off at our arrival in downtown knoxville yesterday. now for some boat pictures.

on the boat gettin' the party started.

the hallowed hill

some rich folks' boats. the first one (sensation) had a home port of bikini, marshall islands. i'm assuming they have low luxury taxes. if you look closely you can see a delta boat and two jetskis behind the flag. that second boat is called the reel deal. it belongs to the ceo of regal cinemas.

the sensation from the other side. it makes albert haynesworth's boat look like a dinghy. as you can see, there are lots of classy boats in the vol navy.

there are also plenty of klassy boats in the vol navy.

from the outlook looking up and downstream.

headed to visit some land tailgates overlooking the largest non-military navy in the world.

look what we have here!

and we're here! this is my favorite part of neyland. they haven't gone and made it too pretty here. tomorrow we'll finally get to the renovations.

who wants this spirit animal?

netflix local favorites : memphis, tennessee

hmm. i havnt seen any of these.

fritz lang

metropolis movie poster for upcoming movie series. via.

glee tonight.

im looking forward to watching this.

well...they did it.

republicans, the party that is totally not full of bigots, managed to filibuster the defense authorization bill that would have also ended the don't ask don't tell policy. john mccain was behind the filibuster, so oc i now think we should initiate a new rule that in order to filibuster, a senator must be able to raise both arms above his head.

it should also be noted that blanche lincoln and mark pryor, two democrats from arkansas also voted against the bill. so fuck the both of you.

harry reid voted against the bill as well, purely as a parliamentary maneuver, which will allow him to revive the bill at a later date.

i'm mostly confused by this, because DADT will eventually be repealed or struck down by the courts. it's essentially inevitable as old gaycists die, and popular opinion moves in the direction of acceptance. i guess mccain was just all to eager to make sure he continues to ruin his once admirable reputation. thanks for unnecessarily continuing DADT, and thanks for unleashing sarah palin on us. you've really made the world a better place.

hey, new yorker:


take two of these and call me in the morning, amiright?!!?

spotted : garbage kills bears

spotted by blake

i missed something important yesterday

happy bearthday sophia loren (goddess)

alexander mcqueen memorial tribute

Alexander Mcqueen was memorialized by more than 100 friends, family, and fashionistas recently in London. Daphne Guiness (above) was there, along with Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker and Naomi Campbell, natch. Bjork performed "Gloomy Sunday", followed by a performance of with the theme from The Piano. How maudlin, amiright? via

not quite a melting pot. more like a parfait.

this guy eric fischer put together some maps based on census data to show racial breakdown in large cities. pink = white, black = blue, hispanic = orange, asian = green. how white is your neighborhood? fascinating.

new york. all those dense colors.

memphis. blues.

stop republican gerrymandering!

y'all should go here and listen to the story about republican gerrymandering, which is my new favorite euphemism for gay sex. it's quite alarming. it alarmed me all the way to the bank while i was b-ing my t's this morning.

brooklyn heights puppies!

this happened this weekend. i missed it unfortch.

new business alert!

there's a new restaurant coming to henry + atlantic in brooklyn heights. the (ceeyute!) owners are fundraising via startup site kickstarter. it's called COLONIE and it's scheduled to open in november, so i'll see y'all in january or so...
We have an amazing chef who is focused on local, seasonal American cuisine with a definite bias to all things gastronomically Brooklyn, and our wine list will be unique yet super approachable and affordable. We have an incredible bright and airy space with high ceilings and lots of exposed brick, and we are looking to create an environment that is warm, comfortable and interesting. One of our design elements is to include an open kitchen with counter dining. To us, nothing is cooler than sitting at the kitchen while a chef prepares your meal right in front of you. Watching the art of cooking while you dine is like a new kind of theater and can be truly inspirational, changing the way you think about the food you eat. (via)
a donation secures you a promise of free food when they open. jicyww.

look at the tree AUTOTUNED!


surbway pranx.

remember that spoiler alert gag i told you about?here's a video of how they did it.

spotted : sonic being built within 5 miles of nyc

i saw this on my way to work this morning.

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it's located here.

here's how you get there from my house.

and i found this!

burning man from above

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