01 December 2010

omg its them!


duh oc obvi!

The NCAA has ruled Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is eligible to compete after looking into his recruitment at Auburn and Mississippi State. (via)
looks like another SEC national championship for the record books!

the vogels

have you seen this cute little documentary about herbie and dorothy vogel? they are poor people who collect contemporary art. like, tons of it. someone needs to put these two on hoarders, but other than that they are so totally cute. 11 biscuits!

what is kismet doing?

kismet is drunk from his flea medicine. and still the fluffiest.

glee last night

was really enjoyable. there wasnt any stunt casting or pandering music choices, just really solid television. the nymag recap is pretty funny this week too. i love this show. next up, christmas episode! ive embeded the new directions sectionals routine below: sam and quinn being cute, santana being sultry, mike chang and brittany dancing their hearts out, best.

so um...how about that smaller federal government stuff?

remember when republicans wrote their "pledge to america", stating "we will stand committed to our principles and fight to renew the drive for a smaller... (federal) government". and then yesterday, republican leaders were all "the democrats need to stop wasting time on '...controversial items such as immigration, a repeal of "don't ask, don't tell...'". tmai.

well, they are getting down to some m-f-ing brass tacks; reducing the reach of the federal government and focusing on the real problems facing american families by insisting the smithsonian portrait gallery remove some gay video art. THANK PISS JESUS!

i will be the first and the loudest to say video art is the absolute worst. and gay video art? ...whhhhhell, if you're looking for the root of the economic recession, and sky-high unemployment, look no further than gay video art. any economist will tell you that as the presence of gay video art increases, short-term lines of credit sink like a weighted crucifix in a vat of artist piss. sorry, but those are the facts. deal with it.


C is for Hanukkah!

8 crazy nights starting tonight! warm up the potato pancakes and whip out your dreidel! festival of lights time.

RIP Fred the Lion

the 20 year old lion who lived at the Memphis Zoo died today. cute little guy.

charlie is famous (thanks to 2Pz)

see. all it took was winning the first annual 2Pz petz halloween costume contest, and now charlie is a spokesmodel for his local pet resort. check him out on the feline grooming homepage, here.

happy AIDS day!

this used to be alllll orange groves...

i found this map of brooklyn from 1766 (c2e) :

i tell you what, i can't wait for nutten island to open again for summer fun.


have you ever been so jelly of jennifer garner?

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