01 April 2014

brooklyn beckham

remember not that long ago when futbol star david beckham and international pop star posh spice got together and made their first baby? well this is what that tiny baby looks like today. grown ass man.

tootin' tennessee's hornz

my beloved hometown, and college town of 2pz founders keekerz and joel, knoxville, tn, aka k-town, aka scruffy city, aka knox vegas, is headlining the nytimes arts homepage right now.  big ears festival (b.ears festival, for short) just ended and they had some things to say about it.

What all this adds up to is that Big Ears seems to be a festival about the experience of listening, full stop, rather than listening to genre X or tradition Y. It gives concertgoers — in comfortable theaters, in a comfortable town without a lot of other distractions — as much power as a composer or performer in determining what music means, gambling that those concertgoers might over time grow a culture around that feeling. (nytimes)
go knoxville!  and vols.  btdubz, cuonzo isn't going to marquette.


from the people who brought you "Dunkin' Love"

really can't wait for west coast fast foods!

when the cast of the lion king is on your airplane


normcore foods

this list is worth a look.

thx phil!

this is super old internet

i saw this quite some time ago but forget to tell you about it and i still want you to see it.

its a bunch of cute drawings of buildings that look like artists' work.

good news

japan has to stop murdering whales.

TOKYO — The decision to ban Japan’s annual whaling drive off Antarctica, handed down by the United Nations’ highest court on Monday, was a hard-won victory for conservationists who long argued that Tokyo’s whaling research was a cover for commercial whaling.
The ruling by the International Court of Justice in The Hague halts a Japanese program that has captured more than 10,000 minke and other whales in the Southern Ocean each year since 1988 in the name of biological research. (via)

hannah in iowa

i really enjoyed this interview with the director of the iowa writer's workshop that hannah got into during the season finale.
The most shocking twist of Sunday’s season-three finale wasn’t Hannah’s acceptance, after years of artistic floundering, but the notion that Season Four of the world’s Brooklynest show might take place in Iowa, at what Hannah’s friend Marnie calls “like, the best MFA program in the world.” A University of Iowa spokesman says the school denied HBO’s request to film Girls episodes there, but the location could easily be faked, and the presence of an Iowa workshop alum on the writing staff — Sarah Heyward, who wrote “really good short stories about adolescent girls” in Chang’s workshop — ensures at least a modicum of authenticity. Based on conversations with Chang and several Girls-friendly alumni, here’s what we might expect of Hannah’s heartland sojourn. (via)
spoiler alert retroactive.

never forget about the footvols.

click here to read a heartening update on how #team118 is shapin' up.

nashville's choo choo plan

Lawmakers looking to relieve traffic congestion in Nashville have hit upon an improbable solution: a monorail.
The stretch of I-24 between Nashville and Murfreesboro is one of the most congested in the state, and it’s projected to get even worse as the population grows.
So State Senator Bill Ketron, a Murfreesboro Republican, proposed building a monorail along the highway median. While it may sound ridiculous at first, the idea is getting some traction. (via)

thomas wilhelm wrote some notez

here's a pretty good collection of things kids wrote.

daily ri ri

its my party and i'll cry if i want to UPDATE

kylie shared this with me and i wanted to share it with you. i bet theyre gonna play this when they open for miley cyrus at barclays center on saturday.

looks like they couldn't decide which black person to sing a verse on this single.
(thx ms. dangles for the tip)

zebra katz also did (the best) one

and someone named smiler also tried.
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