09 August 2011

Just what this site needs...


oooooooooohhhhh, baaaarrrrneeeeyyyyy.


25 days!

the pads are on. official practice commenced this week. who's excited?

bonnie raitt tuesday / what are you doing tonight?

watching this episode of "behind the music".

did you know bonnie attended harvard? did you know bonnie's dad was a broadway/movie star?

do you know where bonnie lives? no, srsly. do you?

bonnie raitt tuesday!

poorly exceuted southern accents (finally).

now, y'all know how much of a tizzy i can get into over a bad southern accent in a movie. so, imagine my delight when i came across this nymag slideshow, comparing eleven poorly executed regional southern accents to the speech of actual residents.

and speaking of delight...


MGMT convinces a crowd of idiots to throw their shoes on stage.

bonnie raitt tuesday!



loooooooooooooooove sneakin' up. ooooon you!

london burning : timelapse


bonnie raitt tuesday!

dennis quaid = dreamboat.

a ferocious bear attack caught on camera

"wait, why are you petting me. i am BITING YOU!!!"

stupid muggles can't see the writing on the walls

looks like the handiwork of lord voldemort's death eaters to me.

london burning.


asshole gets called out for asinine comments.

i'm beside myself

and i'm winking at YOU

omg he is winking at me.

carly, i don't know why but this reminds me of you

some squiggles ARE better than others.
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