21 August 2012

curiosity makes a gif

just testing the wheels before we throw the thing into drive! via.

kazaky - this is what one direction is going to look like in 5 years

even the nytimes (arbiter of current taste) is talking about it.

every gay person i know is tweeting about this new Mykki Blanco music video.

 put on your mariah carey wig and judge for yourself.

10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, i'm not going to keep explaining this to you dummies. this countdown is entering it's 3rd year. get used to seeing it for the rest of your lives. LOVE YOU GO VOLS!!!!!

welp. it's that time of year again. 10 days away from kickoff. in honor of this impending momentous occassion, we're going to re-run last year's countdown. because it is certainly worth remembering. enjoy. and GO VOLS!!!

omg i can't believe it. the wait is nearly over! in just 10 short days, we'll be cheering on our vols again! they've got a new coach, and i believe, a new destiny. in anticipation of our re-entry back into the most magical time of the year, i'll be sharing with you 10 things i love about TeNnEsSeE fOoTbaLL!!

10. the pride of the southland band
shyeah, if by "the southland", you mean "my heart!"

when it comes to my love for this talented group, there really is no limit. i was once accused of being in charge of PR for the band because i wouldn't shut up about how amazing the circle drill is, and how lucky the alabama fans to whom i was talking were to be witnessing such a dazzling spectacle. UT's band is but one of the many spirited tentacles of the octopus of volunteer pride. they never fail to bring a tear to my eye when they belt out "rocky top", and if you don't get choked up each time they march that power-T down the field in the pregame...well, i'd venture to say that that your heart is made of ice cubes.

god bless you, pride of the southland. god bless us all.

in other news about misbehaving puppies

gawker wants you to know about this blog called DOGSHAMING that is a collection of puppies being shamed by their owners for their misdeeds. just look at these puppies. i could see one of isabella that says "I EAT BUNNIES"
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