20 December 2010

a different kind of puppy

and they call it, puppy loooooove.

and lest we forget... ISABELLA

not to be outdone... KISMET

well this certainly changes the mood.

leigh anne's puppy cody, who lives in heaven now with puppy jesus (after 16 happy years, don't worry). i know first-hand that beagle pups are the best pups around. RIP cody (pictured center).

we've got ourselves a puppy-off!


oh! looks like pupu is a little jelly beanz...

...she just sent me some of her baby pixies!

it's puppy day on 2Pz!

if you're anything like me, you were just sitting at your desk, staring off into the distance and trying to visualize what 2Pz puppy friend yuki must've looked like a baby. and then BAM! all your prayers were answered right in your inbox. introducing....
she's totes half opossum.
thxsomuch lilly!

try not to DIE watching this!

thxsomuch liz!!

take me for a walk plz


pug wants to play



it's my brother markie's bearthday y'all! he's 25 bears old!
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